How to Build Mental Muscle and Build a 7-Figure Business!


Freedom does not automatically settle into your life when you make money. You make the money and access the freedom by being a calm problem solver.

You’ve got this! Otherwise you’d never be studying my blog. ONLY winners are attracted to our community, and you can win this game of business!

Do you trust that?
Or do you say in your head, she doesn’t even know me.

Do you worry that your business may never work?
THESE are the thoughts that are stealing your vision.

Here are some ways to HACK your system when you second guess what you are doing . . . when you wonder if you are focusing on the right thing to grow your business. Then I’ll give you some business advice on what you must focus on to grow your business.

A) Whenever you have a “limiting thought,” push it out of your mind. If it doesn’t get your attention, it can’t sabotage your energy. You need energy to sell, market, do Facebook live, and lead a team of people to help you grow.

B) Grab for a “vision thought.” In other words, focus on what it will feel like when you hit your numbers, sell out your program, or grow your customer base so that you have a crazy monthly cash flow. FOCUS on that . . . you have to get obsessed with thinking positively about your business . . . it’ll help you with all the things negative thinking kills, like being productive!

C) Take care of your body. RUN, CYCLE, BOX . . . do something super active, and it’ll help you with inspiration and stress. I like endurance sports like running because it clears your head, and most of your good ideas come out on those long runs. Sign up for a local half marathon or email [email protected] and ask to learn more about our VIRTUAL endurance program and train with us. You’ll get in great shape.

D) Do not complain to people or stomp your feet, insisting that you’re having a hard time. Over time you are speaking BREATH into your problems. They become your new standard of “STUCK” in your life, and clients are not attracted to working with people in this emotional state. You become the LOSING team . . . and no one wants that . . . so remember, over time, if you complain, you lose; so stop!

In Conclusion, last words of advice!

Every great influencer in the world knows that you need to win over a big audience to get traction on a movement.

To build a business and ultimately to impact the world in a positive way, you must focus on building a big email list. It’s the easiest way, and no successful entrepreneur would be anything without an email list.

These thoughts of playing small or just working with a few people are not serving you. FOCUS on building a BIG email list. It will change your life forever. Think, everyone powerful is sending you emails . . . it’s their connection to the world.

Discover how to build an email list of thousands in 90 days. It’s time you become financially self-reliant and stop worrying about finding clients again. Click here now to find out more.

Freedom is the best way to live your life!


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