Creating More Time For “Women Entrepreneurs”


Creating More Time For Women Entrepreneurs

Do you ever wish that you had more TIME to do what you love? 

I bet when you signed up to be an entrepreneur, you didn’t realize that almost every moment of the day would be sucked up and that at the end of the day you’d be left with just enough time to eat and go to bed.

The good news is that women entrepreneurs can make a change in how they manage their time, opening up the space for them to be feminine again.

It’s true that there’s a lot to do during the day; however, it’s also true that many women make into the million-dollar income range and still have lives.

What’s their secret?

The questions that you want to be asking yourself are : WHO’S doing it well, and HOW can I do that too?


Step #1 

You’ve got to GIVE UP the FIGHT that you have to be exhausted because there is nothing that you can do about it.  

Stop saying that somebody has to take control and get all these things done, and if it’s not you, then it isn’t going to get done.  Here’s a wake-up call.  That’s a big, fat lie that you’re telling yourself that isn’t going to get you richer, nor will it put your children through college.  

It’s actually a very controlling way of thinking and borders on being a martyr-like way of running your business.


Step #2 

Get help running your business.  Here’s the deal, if you are doing employee work, then you are caught in a vicious cycle we often relate to as the RAT RACE. You can’t get ahead if you aren’t focusing on sales and marketing.  

This will help: Write a to-do list and script out your typical week.  Then highlight the things that don’t directly relate to you making money.  

Let’s be clear here.  Anything that connects you directly to your ideal client is likely to be a money- making activity, but not always.  Blogging is a good example of a wealth activity.    

However, scheduling, buying office supplies, or customer service is not.  These things need to be outsourced.  You can use to find good contractors to help you with employee-based work.


Step #3 

Attend women’s networking groups.  This is a GREAT way for you to meet possible joint venture partnerships to cross-promote your materials and is also a good way to find new clients.

Sales | Sales | Sales

is your MAIN focus, no matter what you think, if you are trying to build a million-dollar business.  Don’t fool yourself and think that you need to build a website, logo, or an office line before you start selling.

All you need to do is SERVE people by solving their problems.  

This is true in ANY industry.  If you create ONE product or service that solves a big problem for your ideal client, you WILL see your company grow quickly!

Take care of people where they are asking for help, and the sky’s the limit.  Lean in and listen better.  Ask questions and stop TELLING people that they need what you have.  

We have many strategies for this, and one of the main places that we like to survey people is on Twitter and Facebook.  

In conclusion, you can always increase your sales if you listen to what your clients’ needs are and simply use your talents in your field to help more people.

It’s simple—when people feel like you care, they are loyal.  So care a little more and see what happens.  

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