Creating Something Incredible: What’s ACTUALLY Required to Make a Real Difference in the World?

If you’re here, it’s likely because you know you were made for great things. You feel a deep desire to create something amazing! You’re driven to build an incredible movement . . . to change the world.

Still, sometimes things don’t go as we want or expect them to, right? Sometimes we struggle. Whether you’re struggling to get your business off the ground, build your audience, or enroll people into a program . . . things don’t always work out as you anticipated, and that can be frustrating.

We get it! As a whole, the team of coaches at HeartCore Business™ have coached thousands of people through frustrating moments such as these.

Most of our clients emerge on the other side of these moments stronger than ever. And most of them go on to create the amazing products that make them proud to be an entrepreneur.

However, some don’t.

Some people hit an obstacle and stop. They may struggle against it for awhile, but ultimately, they give up and somehow drop into the failing mindset of, “If I had this _____________ (fill in the blank), I would be able to succeed!”

So, what’s the difference between these two groups of people?

The answer is simple. It’s the way they think.

A “limiting” mindset is often passed down from generation to generation—and to break it, you need to trust a new thought pattern!

Another way to say this is:

If you want to live the big, bold vision you have for yourself, then you must become a problem-solver. Becoming a problem-solver will unlock every single door between you and that big, bold vision you have for yourself.

Depending on how you grew up, what you experienced, and what you’ve learned over time, problem solving may or may not come naturally to you. Whether it does or not, here are five steps to becoming a great problem-solver:

Step 1. Stop blaming. Take responsibility for your success.

At HeartCore Business™, we don’t take on clients who blame their coaches for their lack of success. Why? Because nobody is responsible for your success but you!

Step 2. Make lemons out of lemonade.

If something isn’t working for you, consider it a lesson, a compass. It can be tempting to think the reason something isn’t working is because you’re not smart enough or talented enough or good enough with technology or [fill in the blank]. But that’s rarely the case. Don’t buy into a story that will sabotage you. You just need to THINK differently to solve this!

Perhaps you’re only slightly out of alignment with what you’re supposed to do. Try making a slight adjustment, taking a new approach to what you do.

Step 3. Focus on the step you’re in.

When you’re an entrepreneur, particularly when you’re just starting out, building a business requires you to wear so many hats, to complete so many tasks, and to go in so many different directions. It can feel overwhelming!

But if you simply focus on the step you’re in, you can supercharge your productivity while eliminating that overwhelm and limiting beliefs that crop up as a result.

We’re not saying you should lose urgency or drive. But get rid of the panic! You’re not going to miss out on anything. Rushing, panicking, and trying to get everything done at once are all part of the scarcity mindset. If you’re operating from the scarcity mindset, you’ll never get ahead.

Step 4. Open the space inside yourself to solve the problem.

You have the answers within you. If you take the time to get intimate with the problem, you slow things down and open the space you need to discover the answers. If you’re constantly rushing, panicking, and/or trying a million different things, you’ll never have the space necessary to discover the solutions.

A quick note, here: this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accept coaching or seek new information; it simply means that when you can get intimate with the problem and slow down, you give yourself more mental and emotional space to apply the coaching you’ve received or the information you’ve learned, and to combine it with the knowledge you already have.

Step 5. Invest in yourself in order to live great (even when investing is a stretch).

Sometimes we get stuck in situations that are mediocre or just “okay.” We know there’s an opportunity for things to be great, but we’re still hesitant to invest in making them that way. This is the only life you have. Why wouldn’t you invest in making it great?

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In conclusion . . .

Becoming a problem-solver is absolutely critical to your ability to create something amazing, to fulfill that desire you have to change the world in a big way.

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