Dreams Do Come True—Even For You!

Dreams Do Come True—Even For You!

We are going to explore the secrets of DREAMS that DO come TRUE—even for you. No matter what your experience in life has been up until now, recognize that everything has been a lesson to upgrade your life into a higher consciousness. Your life was designed for great pleasure; however, your free will allows you to create an ego of duality that shows up all over your business. Evidence of this dichotomy is when you are afraid to make a move because you want things to be perfect. Another sign of duality is when you second guess yourself or when you ASK money for leadership on what to do next. You see YOU are holding the key to manifesting your dreams, and your business is a main vehicle that enables you to ascend FASTER than ever. The transformation required of you to welcome in your wildest dream is the personal development that we are talking about here. Warning: This message is a bit out there, so if you are not ready to receive a better life, then let go and click off now. Everyone else, let’s go explore what’s happening with you. Let’s talk about what makes a dream come true! We call this the the Love Formula!

L – Listen

O – Operate

V – Victory

E – Excellence

Listen and embody a state of clarity about what you want! You know what you want most of all, but you keep saying no to it because you don’t think that it is possible. Right this moment, choose something that you authentically WANT. Quiet your thoughts of confusion or disbelief and LISTEN to what your inner desire is. Operate like your life depends on YOU reaching your goal . . . because it does. Every dream you give up is like a slow death for your soul. Empower yourself to find an idea that brings you one step closer to what you want. Victory comes to people who commit. Circumstances do not dictate whether you thrive in life. That’s an excuse that you’ve used for far too long. Excellence is your final step to receiving everything you want. At HeartCore Women, we encourage our conscious entrepreneurs to create public accountability and use social media to share what they are committed to! You will always move as far away from PAIN as possible, so when you create enough pain in repeating the past, you will definitely advance forward—no matter who you are! Be excellent! To get our help in moving through pain in your business, reach out to Admin@HeartCoreWomen.com to find out what we can do to help you move forward.  


Are You STUCK In Your Business?

  To get our help in moving through the STUCK ENERGY in your business, reach out to Admin@HeartCoreWomen.com to schedule a Get Help Now call. We are allocating a certain number of seats each month to moving people along in their journey. Are you ready to give up your excuse and become EMPOWERED today, or do you still want to wait for SOMEDAY to appear?  



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