Are you on Pinterest?

Are You on Pinterest?

Are you on Pinterest yet?

To say that I am THRILLED over the top and extremely impressed with the power of PINTEREST is an accurate statement. We will be teaching our Inner Circle Coaching Club the ins and outs of Pinterest, but first, if you are not in the Inner Circle, I still want YOU to attract more traffic to your blog now.

In case you have NO IDEA what I am talking about, Pinterest is a VIRTUAL VISION BOARD that has taken our world by storm. It’s probably the most fun out of all the social media platforms on the Internet today.

In fact, go follow me there now and Re-PIN whatever strikes a cord with you.

You will quickly see how fun it is once you start playing with it.


Here are some hints on WHY you want to get on this social media platform now.

• It’s still new, so EVERYONE is still testing it.

• The competition to be visible is relatively easy, so get your followers up and find your tribe of people to connect with.

• IT’S FUN! Talk about manifesting on steroids. You get to be excited and use visualization and viral marketing all at the same time.

How to Use Pinterest to Attract More Traffic.

Follow these suggestions step-by-step:

• Sign up for a free account.

• Start by renaming a board that they give you to get started. Then create your own content on the virtual vision board.

• Next, go to the top right side of the page and click on the ABOUT button. From the drop-down menu, choose the PIN IT link. Then bookmark the PIN IT button.

• Now you can PIN any photo you find on the Internet easily.

• When you PIN a photo, write a description of how you feel about the photo. Be sure to add your URL to your blog site. Use https://www. in front of your url so that it hyperlinks back to your site.

• Re-PIN other peoples’ photos. To find photos of interest to you, use the search box and type in the key words to your interest.

• You can hyperlink your photos, too, by using the ADD+ drop down and selecting ADD A PIN or UPLOAD A PIN.

• Like all social media platforms, comment on people’s boards often to develop relationships and Re-PIN their information.


These tips will get you started on Pinterest, and you will see how VIRAL this new virtual room is.

For more targeted Step-By-Step Training, join the Inner Circle today!

You can’t afford to be left behind when something like this arrives on the scene.

We are seeing a HUGE jump in our numbers based on using Pinterest, and you should be too.


In Service & Love,


Shanda Sumpter

Queen Visionary


Never let a good opportunity pass you by because of being scared to pull the trigger. JUMP before you miss the wave!
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