Four Smart Business Ideas for Mother Entrepreneurs


Four Smart Business Idea!s for Mother Entrepreneurs

Being a mother is one thing, but balancing being a mother and an entrepreneur can be tricky.

The good thing is that mothers who work at home have more ambition to be successful and, if done right, can spend more quality time with their children.

The biggest challenge often comes when a mother entrepreneur is in a growth stage in her business..  She feels guilty and disconnected from her family because of spending too much time in front of the computer, working late nights, and often forgetting to eat.

This can frustrate the rest of the family if they are used to Mom being around all the time.

It takes an enlightened entrepreneur to work through this stage with awareness and strength.  There are always going to be moments of “OUT OF BALANCE” if you are living into your full potential.

The trick is to realize that it’s not forever.  Make every effort to consistently schedule NO WORK ZONE times of the year. 

For example, we schedule the last week of every month OFF so we can count on some down time.  What could you do with your time to empower more family and self- care time?


Here are four smart business ideas for mother entrepreneurs

#1 Focus on building a client base (this is sometimes referred to as a LIST).  This gives you a level of freedom at your fingertips if you take care of these people and give them what they want.

#2 Work with higher-end clients instead of trying to build a membership site if you are just starting.  Membership business models are difficult to do right, and if you are going to become financially free, it’s the LONGEST approach to freedom.

#3  Choose a business focus that you already do and LOVE.  I find it easy to help women become happy and rich if they believe in what they are doing.  Every idea can be worked into a prosperity goldmine! So don’t hold back; get started today.

#4 Get help and get mentorship.  Seriously, you just won’t make it without a business coach or advisor.  Every year we open our VIP Coaching program, and every year a group of women pull themselves out of “STRUGGLE” and build their businesses strong!

Make sure you are getting the proper support you need.  It cuts the time it takes to build a business in half and gets you making income faster!

At the end of the day you are fully in power to achieve the life you want.  It takes effort, but so does everything worth having.  Your marriage takes work, your friendships take work, and so does manifesting a life of abundance.  And everything you nurture will ultimately produce more joy.  So be committed and just do it now!

One of the #1 BEST parts about writing these articles is hearing from you. 

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