Business Planning Tips That Work For Women Entrepreneurs and Inspire the World to Be a Better Place!

Business Planning Tips That Work For Women Entrepreneurs and Inspire the World to Be a Better Place!

It’s not enough to build a business plan that just pays the bills. You want to create a business plan that inspires you to be a happier woman!

It is possible to make upward of $500,000 a year and not have to kill yourself working nights and weekends.  It is NOT possible for you to get there without making sacrifices to grow that kind of life.  

Stay Conscious when making your decisions!

Our minds are so tricky when it comes to making decisions about our business plan.  We say we want something, but often we want PROOF or a safety net that makes us feel more secure about taking a risk.

The thing is, a RISK is not a RISK with a safety net.  

The most difficult growing period in your business is before you reach.$200,000 a year in revenue.  Here’s why.  Every time you make a little bit of money, you want to pull back and save.  You mindset says, I want to keep money in the bank, not spend it all.

However, that is a poverty mindset. You want your business to have re-occurring income so that you don’t have to worry about what’s coming in the door next month!  

A good goal is to focus on making $500,000 with a 30 – 35% profit margin.  Meaning you keep 30% + of your gross earnings.  Think about how that would change your life!

To get there you’ve got to risk more and spend more on education and support!

Invest in your business plan, get advisors to help you, and don’t work with someone that has low prices because they don’t have the mindset to quickly give you a financial breakthrough!  

Answer these two questions:

#1 What do you want next in your business?

#2 Who can help you do that?

What inspires you most about what you just wrote?


The fact that your goals are clear and not so hard to see? Or the fact that now you know what you have to do?

My suggestion is to make a move now!  Take action on what you wrote down and don’t think too much about your limitations.  If the thousands of women who have grown successful business ventures in the last 24 months gave into their fears, they would never be feeling the freedom today!

You are just as worthy, smart, and capable of owning a successful and life-changing business.  Please trust yourself and step up. The world needs women to live up to their full potential!

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