Happy Entrepreneurs: Successful Entrepreneurs Leave Clues

I just got back from Bali, Indonesia, where I got to work with entrepreneurs in all stages of life.  The cool thing is that they all have a way of doing business that you can pull from if you want to up-level your business.

First let me tell you who the players are so you can see for yourself the range of business models, stages of life, and look for the success clues.

#1 Roger Hamilton:  Vision Villa Resort

He had a vision, went to Bali, Indonesia, and found a way to purchase a resort.  He is now in the process of expanding that vision into Hawaii and Italy if he gets his way.  What’s interesting to me is the way Roger thinks.  His resorts are designed to bring in the elements of nature to enhance an entrepreneur’s ability to naturally birth the stage of their project.  I have to say that the science behind this is compelling.

Read more about Roger’s retreat center here: http://xlvisionvillas.com/

#2 Christopher Howard is one of the world’s best NLP trainers (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioners who is also living in Bali, rebuilding his empire.  What’s great about what Chris represents is that once you have the knowledge to be the best, you can always get back there if you recommit and don’t give up.  I’ll explain more so you can pull from his experience later.

#3 Dek Bud,  my driver in Bali.

This guy probably impressed me the most.  He used to not have enough money to eat, and today he has built a beautiful home with his own two hands. He lives in his house with his uncle, nieces, mother, father, grandmother, and the rest of the family.  Dek is the only income earner in his family.  His dad had a car accident, leaving Dek to provide for an army of family members.

I’ll tell you more about Dek in this debrief too, but if you want to follow him on Facebook—and I suggest that you do that nowclick here!

So why am I highlighting these people? Well, they inspire me!

  • Roger had a vision and the ability to function during uncertainty to make that vision become a dream. He then manifested that dream into a reality.  He didn’t linger in the thought, “I don’t have the money to do this deal.”  Instead he created a business model and funding structure to bring his idea alive.  You can tell that he is having fun solving challenges and getting to live a life that many of us want!

He is making a difference in the way he trains entrepreneurs to train themselves, giving us an opportunity to grow smarter with a 12 month plan.  Let’s not forget that he lives in paradise, and everyone loves to visit Roger and his family!  How would you like to emulate his life and have the freedom to live your life in paradise?

  • Christopher Howard played big and stumbled like all of us will if you play big enough!  He’s been knocked down, but he is rebuilding.  He is up to some great things in the world of NLP and business.  The great thing about Chris is you either love him or hate him.  Here’s why that’s a good marketing plan.  Your ideal clients can find you unless you have a point of view.  Chris has divided the market with his point of view so he can make a difference with the right people.  I respect his ability to correct his course and keep going.

My stepdad Don always tells me that if you are an entrepreneur you will lose your ass at some point.  It’s who you become that determines if you are a winner at the end of the game.

My suggestion is to look in your business now and find where you need to correct your course and amp up your attention to manifest what you want.

  • Dek drove me to the airport at 10 pm after working every day and night for two weeks while still staying committed to his religious practice.  We can all learn from staying committed even when our lives get busy!  You get stronger when things are hard.

One of Dek’s days started at 5 am when he drove me to the gym.  Then he took us around all day to spas, shopping, and dinner.  He got home at 11 pm that night, and instead of going to bed, he carved fruit to be used as a centerpiece for our lunch the next day.  He was up until 3 am and was there to pick us up at 8 am the next morning.

My point is that Dek has been on what I call a business tempo run.  It’s where you work really hard to make as much money as you can for a short period of time.  Then you coast for a while and enjoy your life until the next opportunity for your dream to get a little bigger shows up.

How many times have you rolled your eyes at your business and said that you didn’t want to work hard yet you still want freedom?  Really think about how selfish that is.  People who work hard for short periods of time get what they want in life.  You’ve got to find the RHYTHM of business, and with the right plan driving toward a heart goal, you’ll discover endless amounts of happiness!

In Summary!

Happy, successful entrepreneurs leave clues, such as:

  1. Making fast decisions and, as Dek says, “Just do it and figure it out!”
  2. Changing their attitude and getting happy about stepping up to the challenge of solving business problems.
  3. Dreaming big because they realize every idea they hold back will leave them feeling unfulfilled.
  4. Getting a mentor or coach to get out of their own way!

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