Five Surefire Ways to Enhance Your Money-Making Skills Quickly

I’m writing this from the rice fields of Bali, Indonesia, a place I’ve wanted to visit for years.  Now I’m finally here and my attitude almost took me out of the game.

This place is amazing and it’s still a third-world country. The people are bathing in the same water they are fishing in. People often get sick from the water, and living in the USA feels like an absolute privilege right now.

That being said, like many things in life, I came on this trip with completely different expectations.  It’s not important what those expectations were, but it is important to know how I shifted my focus to make the best of this trip.

Before I share with you how you can shift any challenge in your life and business to make it abundant, you should know that I see these traits in most successful entrepreneurs.

To be successful you’ve got to accept that life isn’t comfortable when you are living full out.  When you build a business, you take a stand for growth and freedom.  That expansion comes with a financial price and a mindset change.  The faster you realize that, the more money you’ll make.


Five Surefire Ways to Quickly Enhance Your Money-Making Skills!

#1 Problem solve faster!

You can bank that you will encounter sickness, shortage of time, and people who will disappoint you.  It’s a given.  So instead of gossiping about the problem with people, grow yourself up into the solution.

The faster you become at problem solving, the more money you’ll make! 

#2 Give every opportunity equal care. 

Take every project and opportunity in your business and treat it the same.  My experience is that the BIG opportunities really don’t start working out until you are already successful.  It’s the collection of small projects coming together that tip you into abundance.  So focus on one client or customer at a time until you are cash-flow healthy.

#3 Follow through until you reach the end of your focus.

It’s easy to stop what you are working on and decide that you’ve lost your passion for it.  Or that you need to get more clear before you move forward.  Lose that thinking pattern right now if you’d like to access more money.  Take your idea and start practicing taking the next step until you reach your project goal.  This thinking pattern will produce freedom and more peace in your business.

#4 Surround yourself with successful people.

Don’t take advice from people who have not completed your ultimate goal.  I see this all the time.   If your significant other is successful as an executive, don’t take his advice as an entrepreneur.  Take his advice only if you are climbing the ladder in a corporate structure.  It’s different.  You get the point.

#5 Don’t innovate until your foundation is built.

This is HUGE.  I know you hear many business-building ideas, and it’s tempting to take a good idea and plug it in your business, but don’t.

Be determined to grow your business smart, and that means to master the step you are on.  Make $300k dollars a year; then you can afford to innovate your business.  You’ll have the basics mastered at that point and can then build your idea off of giving yourself more of an advantage to succeed.  Until then, follow a step-by-step model and build your foundation.

I hope that helps you.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. 


Shanda Sumpter
CEO | Business Coach

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