Stop talking about making a difference- Just do it

 Stop talking about making a difference- Just do it


It's time to stop talking about making a difference- Just do it

Last week I booked my year-end trip to Bali, and I have to say that I am thrilled.

I’m heading off to mastermind with twenty really powerful women in business.  We are going to be extremely spiritual, profitable, and, in addition, will be volunteering to work with the women entrepreneurs of Bali.  Trips like these change your worth and your reason for living.

Question for you, have you ever thought about prebooking a trip like this for yourself?

For many years I used to say that I wanted to go volunteer in Nepal or Africa and make a difference.  In fact, at one point in my life I thought that would bring a deeper meaning to my life and would help me make more money.  What I found out was my intuition was right. The more I would give, the bigger my wealth would grow.

There is a direct correlation to giving and receiving.  I know you hear that a lot, but I can assure you it’s true.

You see, the calling you have in your heart is pulling you toward a more meaningful life.  That means you get to make more money so you can make a bigger difference in the world.

I remember having dinner last year with my friend Nick Unsworth, and we were talking about how we both wanted to do more philanthropic things with our business ventures.  Both of us put different strategies in place to make this a reality.  The thing is, though, that many of us want to make a bigger difference.  But so many of us settle for giving $20 to a local charity instead of giving toward our life’s purpose.

As I study with the BEST of the best, I have found that many of us thought leaders are out giving to causes.  It becomes your driving force to earning more income.  The truth is, it gives PURPOSE to your life and makes you a better person.

So here’s a strategy that would work if you decided to GIVE more.

#1 Picking the Perfect Cause isn’t going to Work!


You now think that I’m crazy, but I assure you I’m more strategic than mentally insane.  Getting started is more important than choosing the perfect cause.  You can’t manipulate this process. 

You just have to get started and stop making this about you.  Who cares where you give? Just go have a heart and start making a difference today. 

Trust that whatever cause you choose will lead you to where you are going.  That’s just how it works in business, relationships, and in life.

Go to Google and find a cause that you can get involved with.


#2 Get hands-on!


YOU must get hands-on.  Roll up your sleeves and get in with the people, so to speak. 

Personally, I volunteer in my community with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and that was a great first step for me.  I’ve been a BIG Sister for over ten years now.

But the real game changer for me came when I had to give more.  Going to Africa changed my life forever.  It takes an act of selflessness to break us open, and it has to be authentic.

The harder it is for you to work out giving, the better.  Meaning that, if it’s inconvenient, costs more money than you have, or is difficult for you to make the time, you’ve got a WINNER.

This rings true for investing in your business.  Any time your actions are outside your comfort zone, you are moving in the right direction. It’s how you up-level your experience and ability to receive more. 

The more you have to stretch to make this happen, the better return on investment you’ll have.  Perhaps this will help you find your heart in your business, and that will translate into you charging WHAT you are worth and, in addition, attracting more of your ideal clients to you.


#3 Book your Trip now.


We say that we will “SOME DAY” commit to doing things we want in life.  So here’s the deal—you are committed to where you spend your time and money.  Everything else is smoke and mirrors. 

Remember that this is FOR you to live your best life ever.  You have to ask yourself why you would not make your life a priority now?  Don’t kid yourself. If you don’t spend money and put in the time, you really aren’t committed.

So book your trip to give back today.  You will feel a sense of relief when you do.  That’s your soul saying thank you for lifting this heavy weight off my heart and just doing it. 

The amazing thing is that when you have a reason to make more money with your business, LIKE a trip to Bali or Africa, then you will!  What’s even more strategic is that when you put down your hard-earned CASH toward your trip, then you will do whatever it takes not to lose that money, so you will definitely grow your business to support your actions.

The bottom line is that women who risk more, make more.  You can’t grow your business by saving every penny or being afraid to invest.   Neither life nor business expansion works that way.  So here’s to you adding an element of giving to your reason to grow your business strong this year!

Please leave me a comment below – I’d really like to hear if this article made a difference for you?



Much Love,


Shanda Sumpter
HeartCore Women



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