It’s a sin not to be rich! Stop sabotaging good opportunities to be RICH.

dontfacebookproblemsI remember being a little girl and having this dream to be like Tony Robbins—up on a stage making a big difference for people, encouraging people to step up and face their fears to achieve their ultimate destiny.

What’s sad is that most people don’t realize it’s a sin not to be rich!

You think you have a problem, but you don’t really!  It’s not that you have a challenge with procrastination. It’s not even that you don’t have what it takes to be successful.  It’s that you are fearful that you won’t be successful and therefore you give up TOO SOON.  

I remember when I took the leap of faith to start my own business.  I had no security blanket, no husband, and no proof that I was going to make it.

I was thinking today how different my life would be if I HADN’T taken that chance or, even worse, if I would have given up when things looked hopeless in my business. There were many nights that I sat on my couch having no idea how to pay my bills.   It was scary.  But honestly, it gives me chills (and not in a good way) to think of what my retirement would have looked like if I hadn’t built my business.

Eventually I found blogging, then Facebook, then Twitter, and then list-building strategies.

My journey lead me to the Internet, and thank GOD that it did. Let me tell you that online marketing IS the easiest and fastest way to earn income, mainly because it’s so easy to reach buyers.  It allows you to find people who actually WANT what you are selling.  

And what is even more amazing is that anyone can do it.  

However, not everyone will.  Because fear will stop them.  

My hope is to encourage you to step into your greatness and go for what you want.  You do have what it takes, and the Internet can make life so much easier for you.  You can learn how to use tools like Facebook in a few short months.  You can build a client list that lines up to work with you in less than 4 months.  

Check this out.

If you have the ability to talk and have a passion about ANYTHING, then you can build a highly desirable business.  If you are willing to have an opinion and a heart to make a difference for people, then you can be rich.

You know what stops people?  It’s the fear of making an offer and being rejected.  That’s the same fear that keeps you confused and in your head instead of serving more people.

What if you stopped letting your fears steal your dream?

What would you do today?  How would you be spending your day?

Where would you live and who would you be sharing your time with?

These are very important factors in living a fulfilling life, and they take money to achieve. 

Whatever you want takes some sort of currency to make it happen.  There are tools like Facebook, Twitter, and blogging that can attract all the resources you need.  All you need to be able to do is communicate. 

It is inexcusable not to be rich now!

God gave you talents; now it’s your job to nurture your gifts and help more people with them.  It’s a SIN to keep your talents to yourself and waste your life hidden away.

Learning how to market is the key ingredient to helping more people.  Figuring out how to sell your products and services is how you connect with people where they want your help.  That’s it!  

The better you package your gifts in a way that your ideal client can see them, the better off you and the world are.

Here’s my suggestion that will help you get more on purpose.

Decide what you want in these four categories:

1) Your love life (and don’t say you don’t want a love life because that’s fear talking. We are HARDwired to need each other, so stop the insanity now and admit what you want from a relationship).

2) Your career… Don’t ask yourself what will make you the most money. Everything can be monetized.  What would you LOVE to do for a living?

3) What is your health goal?

4) How are you going to create a deeper connection with God?  What structures are you going to put into your life to listen to the Lord’s word?


Don’t try and tackle all four things at once.  Get out your calendar, and on every month put one of the clear goals that represents one of the four categories.  By the time you reach month five, you will have four new habits and patterns that will consistently help you create the life you want

No one said you have to be perfect, but you do have to be clear and committed.  The point is that it’s time that you start enjoying your life now!  This article is intended to help you do just that!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what your four goals are. 



Much Love,

Shanda Sumpter
Queen Visionary | HeartCore Women



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