How to avoid sabotaging behavior forever.

How to avoid sabotaging behavior forever.

Shanda Sumpter - Business Coach

So this is a little crazy. You know when you say over and over again that you just want to make more money? Or maybe you want to fall in love, or whatever else you want to put in the “I JUST WANT To” category?

The thing is that when you say that you want something, you have to stop and realize what it will take to receiving that into your life!

In this article I am going to show you what you do to sabotage what you want and how to avoid sabotaging yourself forever.

That may sound too good to be true, but if you read every word in this article, then you will be self- empowered to avoid a pattern of sabotage in the areas of your life that matter most!

I recently saw this in the act of falling in love. When you ask for that special person to come into your life, he or she will come. However, he or she comes with a lot of decisions and sacrifices that often, on the surface, you don’t want to give. Your business relationship is the same way!

You may have to make financial sacrifices or time sacrifices, and unless you are consciously aware, you can sabotage what you want due to self-righteous patterns.

Just like a relationship, your business requires a commitment in good times, bad times, and health-challenging times. You could say that it needs you even when things get difficult. You have to invest in your business.

When you look at your business, what are you asking it to provide for you?Freedom, wealth, a sense of security, or fun in your life?
What’s that worth to you, and most of all, have you traded some of the things you like in your life in exchange for these gifts?

The universe is an abundant place. If you are experiencing lack, then take inventory of how much you are giving in exchange.

It’s like being in love. If you only give in ways that make YOU happy and not ways that speak your partner’s love language, then you probably have a rocky relationship.

Stop looking for an easy way to build your business and your life. As long and as much as I’ve studied successful people, I have never found that you get anything in life without exchanging something else. So start being smart!

You’d think that our human minds could quickly compute that we are getting more of what we want if we let go of some things that make us comfortable. It’s a skill set and an art to receive more!

I talk to women on a regular basis, and one of the big challenges for working women is that they have a hard time receiving because they only want to give in ways that they feel like giving. The sad part is that RECEIVING is a woman’s greatest strength!

Here’s a Quick analysis:

1. What do you REALLY want next in business?

Post it below in the comment box!

2. What’s preventing you from achieving it?

Your answer to #2 is where you are blocked!

Instead of looking at the problem in plain sight, GO DEEPER. Change your viewpoint and get mentally clear! Look for what you are not willing to give up to reach your goal; then you will discover the real sabotage preventing you from having the business and the life you want!

Ask yourself, are you being selfish and wanting it all right now? Is it really true that you are stuck, or is it time that you give up some things to ultimately reach what you want?

That’s a personal decision that you’ve got to make! But at least you are clear now whether you should be dreaming about that goal or are willing to give up something to receive another goal! Life and business are about making choices. The biggest giver wins this game. People who are selfish struggle all their lives because they think that what they have is safer than receiving everything that life can offer! My hope for you is that you take a risk and give what you are afraid of giving to build a business that provides your dream lifestyle! Get smart and start uncomfortably giving!

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Giving is freedom,

Shanda Sumpter
CEO| Business Coach


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