Stop pushing yourself so hard!

Stop pushing yourself so hard!

I love the morning.  I wake up feeling inspired and ready to hit the ground running.   My dog Juliette looks up at me with these eyes that say: Take me to the beach for a nice LONG walk.  But my head says: How quickly can I feed her, get myself out the door, take a short walk (not an hour), and get to my computer to work?

Can you relate?  I know that I’m not alone in this obsession to get it right! Financial freedom is a huge part of your life, and you aren’t ready to give up on the dream, are you?

Good news—you can schedule your business, life, and FUN so that you don’t feel spent at the end of the day.  Let me show you how.

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Five things to make your life easier while you build a thriving business!

1)    Figure out your Natural FLOW
I know every productivity book out there, and they give great advice if you fit into their mold. Research says that if you work on focused tasks in the morning and co-creative things after lunch that you’ll be more productive.

That’s never worked for me!  I’m at my best in the morning, and by 4 p.m. my natural flow says—go PLAY!

When are you most productive?  Schedule your work time then, and commit to it no matter what.

2)    Have One Main Goal per day!
Ambitious people often try and accomplish too many things at the same time.  It’s fine to multitask, but make sure you have a main goal for the day that is specific and that you can complete. It’s not good enough to say that you want to sell more today.

A good example of a daily goal might be to sell three products before you end your day!  It’s measurable and specific.

3)    Time chart your day!
Have you ever wondered where the day goes?  Let’s find out.
Every hour, write down what you intend to COMPLETE, and notice if something gets in the way of that goal or if you are successful at completing it.

What I’ve found with my clients is that there is a time of day when they tend to allow distractions to take them out of the game.  That’s considered a hole in your business.  When you see it, strategize to overcome the distraction the next day, and reward yourself at the end of the day if you are successful.

It’s time you break the unproductive cycle, and that won’t happen unless you can see in black and white what’s really happening!

4)   Enlightened entrepreneur: Train a team member to do something new every month.
People like to grow, and you want to be freed up to make more money.

The best equation for consistent growth is to train a team member every month on a task that gives you more freedom.

  • Take five minutes right now and write down all your tasks and duties.
  • Now determine what job you are going to give away!

5)    Make more money!
Sounds obvious, but the more you focus on making more money, the more you can hire additional help.  So wouldn’t it make sense to have an ALL Sales week?

I like to call this enlightened marketing! Make the first week of every month an “ALL SALES WEEK.”  If you don’t have something to sell, this creates a challenge for you to create a new product or find another company’s product to sell.  For five days, do nothing but sales!

Remember—there is always a way!

Best of all, have the understanding that you get to live the life you want.  There is no set way that you have to run your schedule.  It’s up to you, and it’s your right as an entrepreneur to solve the problems that prevent you from loving your business and your life!  Go after it and have fun.

Here’s to living a life of FREEDOM-

Let me know your thoughts and please leave me a comment.  It’s the highlight of my day 🙂  Thank you!


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