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How to Change Your Money Story and Ditch Your Money Lies

People have a hard time breaking the chains of their history with money.

Our parents, grandparents, and other family members teach us how to deal with money, how to handle it, and how to relate to it … and sometimes we learn unhealthy relationships.

In other cases, we experience a huge breakdown when we take a risk, whether it’s in a marriage, or an investment. A traumatic event like this can change your thinking—it can create negative money stories, or money lies, that you begin to live by.

These things happen to all of us. Our parents teach us lack and scarcity (not maliciously, but because they don’t know any differently), or we have a bad experience that puts us there.

Every single event that hits you emotionally has a direct impact on your ability to produce an end goal, including impact goals and income goals.

The way you think directly equates to how much money you make, and to what your freedom looks like in life.

So if you’re living with money lies, then you’re never going to make as much as you want to—and you’re never going to achieve the kind of freedom you want to.

The good news is that you hold the power to ditch your money lies. HeartCore Business’s Queen Visionary Shanda Sumpter recently discussed this in her Facebook Live show “6 AM Coffee With Shanda.” Watch her speak this truth or read more to find her high points! 

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You can get off the track you’re on now, and begin to experience the universe’s unlimited abundance.

How do you do that? You unhook from your money stories or lies, and from the emotions that keep you stuck there.

Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily (and that’s good news).

Unhooking from your emotions is as simple as being generous.

Generosity is THE key to growing your money.

The most lucrative, beneficial, meaningful, and fun marketing strategies we do inside HeartCore Business™ have come from helping somebody else.

In fact, as we plan throughout the year, we often adjust or move aside the strategies we create to “get what we need”—and we replace them with plans designed to serve someone else’s needs, or a need we see in the HCB community.

We often believe that if we strategize, we’ll hit our goals. Yet there’s a whole rat race of people dropping dead from heart attacks and high blood pressure and autoimmune diseases because of stress.

Pushing harder is not going to help you increase your impact or your income.

The truth is, in order to reach our goals, we need to unhook from our emotional triggers.

Let’s take this a little deeper.

There are a lot of conscious, spiritual people out there who are almost there. But they’re going to spend their lives in almost because although they’re talking about generosity and the laws of reciprocity, they’re also operating from a place of overwhelm, thinking, “I am so overwhelmed I just can’t give more.”

This actually prevents them from finding a new strategy of generosity to expand their movement, their company, and their income.

Money grows exponentially, supernaturally, explosively, when you operate in the generosity of giving—and when you simplify things.

Quick tip: Focus only on one or two ways of being generous. Focused energy vibrates at a higher frequency, and attracts more abundance.

Another key to releasing your money lies and to increasing your impact and income is to open up to receiving.

In order to fulfill the calling you have, you must be able to receive. You must be able to receive help and support and money.

The way you give to yourself is a reflection of your generosity. So, if you’re giving to other people but not to yourself, then you’re giving only out of a sense of obligation or duty—and that’s not true generosity. But if you’re able to receive, then your generosity is truly generous.

In conclusion …

Whatever your calling is, say “yes” to it. It will unfold.

Things get easier when you start operating from a place of generosity. So often, we’re working way to hard to be able to get the results we want.

It’s through the stretch of giving that you start to realize, “I am meaningful to people. I can charge what I deserve. I can ask for what I need.”

It’s through that momentum that all the things people struggle with (mainly worthiness conversations) disappear.

The more you give, the less power those worthiness conversations have on you.

If you’re giving from a place of generosity, then you are filled up. You find strategies, you gain momentum, and you find strategies that start to click and come together.

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The way you think directly equates to how much money you make, and to what your freedom looks like in life. It's easy to fall into bad habits that hurt our financial goals. I'll share with you how you can change your relationship with money! Want to learn how to lead a sales call that will close the deal? Re-pin and download my free course! #heartcorebusiness #businessempire #entrepreneur #coaching #onlinebusiness #businesscoach #heartcorebusiness #businessempire #entrepreneur #coaching

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