How to Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Every single successful entrepreneur who works with HeartCore Business has mastered the art of getting out of her or his comfort zone.

Today, we’re going to share something with you that has the potential to transform your business and your life.

Do you ever …

  • Feel guilty making an offer, because you feel weird asking for money?
  • Feel nervous or awkward when you’re making an offer?
  • Quit because you lose momentum and think something’s not going to work?
  • Wonder whether the people on your email list really want to hear what you have to say?
  • Worry about why you’re not getting results, to the point that you just stop working on your project or toward your goal?
  • Feel entitled—when a person, or life itself, doesn’t meet your expectations?


There is one thing you must have in place if you expect to earn money, to win at anything, and to generate abundance in every area of your life:

An elemental mindset of generosity.

An elemental mindset of generosity doesn’t mean you’re generous every now and then, when it’s convenient, or when you feel like it.

It means that whenever you’re called to step up, you step up.

And what’s really important to understand about this is that it applies to so many situations. It means giving money, or tithing, all the time. It means giving in your relationships. It means giving your time. It means giving your energy and enthusiasm to your Big Dream—without quitting, or looking for a way out.

So how do you create that mindset for yourself?

Get out of your comfort zone—and don’t quit.

Don’t be generous (with your money, time, and energy) only when it’s convenient. That doesn’t create overflow. Leaders create overflow by never quitting. Like the Ironman race says, “Be a finisher.”

Trust the process.

Whether you hire a coach or create your own plan, trust the process. See it through until the end.

Even when limiting beliefs creep in (and they often do!), don’t revert to your old habits. Listen to your coach’s advice, or stick with the plan you’ve laid out.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t adjust or course correct; it simply means that when you do adjust or course correct, it’s important to do so from a place of generosity and thoughtfulness rather than a place of scarcity or fear.

Manage your mind.

Stop worrying, so that you can start winning.

If you’re not getting the results you want, don’t WORRY. Think of this as an opportunity to course correct or adjust, think about why you’re not getting those results, and how you can do what you’re doing—better.

Pay attention to what successful people are doing, what is working, and evaluate how you can apply that to your business.

Get connected.

Connection creates currency. It’s important to be surrounded by people who are winning.

When you exchange ideas and advice and stories, you get new perspective that has the potential to change how you do things—and the results you achieve.


Prioritizing keeps you focused and on purpose. The most basic explanation of the Law of Attraction is that what you focus on, grows.

When you prioritize, you’re telling yourself, the universe, God, whomever, that you want this.  

If you can’t choose priorities, then your focus is all over the place and you’re not putting your most potent energy into anything. You’re not being truly generous with anything.

You’re spinning, you’re stretched too thin, and you’re not being generous. When you make your offers, you feel guilty and incongruent.

And you’ll see those results—less than potent—coming back to you.

Get out of entitlement.

Entitlement slips in whenever someone doesn’t meet your expectations or when you feel disappointed.

This is related to prioritizing. If you’re focused on too many things, if you want it all, and believe you deserve it all, then you’re going to feel entitled.

And entitlement is in the exact opposite energy from generosity and abundance. Getting out of entitlement may mean shifting your priorities; for example, giving yourself the okay to stretch one goal/priority out over a longer period of time (wanting success NOW is one form of entitlement, right?).

With those things in mind, spend some time thinking about where you can be more generous in your life.

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