Shanda Talks Success Secrets in “Forbes”

Forbes Magazines caught up with HeartCore Business’ own Queen Visionary Shanda Sumpter to uncover her secrets to entrepreneurial success.

Check out the article, “This Founder Says Physical Endurance Is The Secret Trait Entrepreneurs Need To Succeed,” below!

While some people opt to take a DIY approach to achieving a desired goal, leaders who consistently attain success understand that hard work alone will not take their results to the next level.

Building a support team of sponsors, mentors, coaches and peer groups is about getting the help needed to break through fears and obstacles.

Years ago, Shanda Sumpter took a chance and hired a mentor on credit. The risk she took by making this initial investment was the catalyst that led to her founding a lucrative entrepreneurial training company, HeartCore Business.

At the time, her first mentor had the life that Sumpter envisioned for herself, “she had a husband, was in a long-term marriage, she traveled on all of these really great vacations, she believed in God and she had two kids.”

Today, she has not only achieved this vision for herself but has helped her clients reach their own financial and business goals.

When seeking support, Sumpter believes that finding a mentor who aligns with your core value system and allows you to unhinge from society’s expectations is the best bet.

Trying to fast track achievements without the right support can sometimes have the opposite effect.

As Sumpter describes, “Blocking success happens when we are trying to do everything on our own. We slow the progress down.” A mentor will help identify blind spots and keep you on track with your desired outcome.

Which is why fear should be the first topic of discussion between mentee and mentor.

“Fear tells you where people are going to stop,” advises Sumpter, “but you have to run right to it because there is a solution for every fear.” Getting past blocks and apprehensions is also about recognizing your past successes.

Sumpter’s clients are all driven women and men who hire her because they know that there is more inside of them but they do not have the tools and the awareness to access it.

Getting a client unstuck is in having them “look back at her history. There are already things in the past that she has been successful at – whether it be as a successful mother, athlete or maybe she has started a business, etc.”

These are all indicators that they have the capability to thrive, with some help in developing their vulnerability muscle and leadership skills.

Sumpter has found that many of her clients that start out put too much of an emphasis on if they are smart enough or have the right resources to achieve their goals.

They are bypassing a key trait that will not only get them to their desired objective but be a driver in helping them sustain it.

She describes, “When I think of my friends who are successful, there’s only one that I can think of that’s ridiculously smart. Too often, we overvalue intelligence and we undervalue emotional stability. Having emotional stability is what will get you to your end goal a lot smoother and with a lot less breakdowns.”

Similar to the relationship that elite athletes have with their coaches and trainers, mentees have to trust the vision of their mentor.

Sumpter emphasizes that, “You are not always going to agree with the coach and there’s definitely going to be some moments where you feel that you know better.  Is that true? Yes. But you’ve hired the coach because you want to go past what you are capable of right now.”

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