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How to Sell and Change the World at the Same Time

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur?

That means you’re creating a movement; you have a heart to serve; and you want to share your gifts with the world, because you know you can change lives.

Well, that is, you can change lives if you can sell the product or program you’ve created around your gifts.

And that’s the rub, isn’t it?

How do you sell something you know could make a big difference for them … without pushing?

First of all, a small disclaimer: there will always be people who, when you take a stand for them, or hold the space for them to create a transformation, feel like you’re pushing.

With that being said, how do you use your emails, videos, sales letters, webinars, and events to inspire people to move forward and enroll with you—without having to convince or push them?

First and foremost: stop trying to convince people that what you’re selling is good.

We know. What?!

But seriously: you already know that what you’re selling is good.

Convincing people that it’s good is simply pushing the wrong people into buying. Your product or program isn’t good for everyone, right? It’s good for your own ideal client. So instead of trying to convince anyone and everyone that they should buy, instead, show potential clients the value, share with them the transformation they could experience—and then hold the space for them to make a decision.

How do you effectively show someone the value of what you’re offering?

Fall in love with the difference you’re making for people.

There’s no sales tactic in the world that will work, unless you have emotional stability behind it.

If you’re here, then again, you have a heart to serve. You’re doing what you love, using your unique ability to change the lives of your clients.

And when you’re really, deeply connected with the transformation you’re offering through your product or program, you’re able to sell it effortlessly! Why?

Because you’re simply saying to someone: “I understand where you are, now, and I want you to know that I’ve been there. This is a system that has transformed my life, and I know it can transform yours, too.”

There’s no urgency behind it, no desperation. You’re simply inviting someone to step into transformation.

And, keep in mind, it’s a transformation you, and you alone, can guide them through.

Remember, YOU matter.

Anything that’s made a difference for you can make a difference for a tribe of people in this world.

Therefore, anyone—including you—can become a life-changing force by sharing something that’s impacted your life with the right tribe of people.

If you’re sitting there at your computer or on your phone, reading this, and you’re thinking, “Who am I to sell my so-called expertise?” then it’s time to wake up.

You matter. You can make a difference.

Your history, your learning experiences, your hard-earned knowledge, can change the lives of people who are walking a path similar to the one you’ve walked.

There’s no one else who can share this hard-earned knowledge in the same way you can. There’s no one else with your specific experience, with the very same system YOU developed.

Whatever your strategy is, whatever your movement is, it’s coming out of your history. You were born with your story written.

Be authentic. Be you, and share the transformation you love. When you do, you have everything within you to make a huge impact.

And, if you get tired or bored or disillusioned, reach out to people you’ve helped.

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Reconnect to the difference you’re making.

Go call some of the people you’ve worked with before, or even some of the friends you’ve helped through a tough situation.

Shanda Sumpter, HeartCore Business’s Queen Visionary, shared the story of one of her clients, Carrie, who, after coaching with Shanda, crushed it with a multiple-six-figure event.

She left Shanda several voicemails where she was in tears—not because of the money she was making, but because of the fact that her program—which centers on health—is changing the lives of her clients. She had an eating disorder and has built her company around helping people live healthy lives—holistically.

Imagine how Carrie feels, knowing that using her own history, the knowledge she gained as she went through a very tough experience, she’s helping people conquer their own demons … that is her movement.

What is yours? It’s easy, as entrepreneurs, to get bored or to feel like we’re stuck in a rut. If you ever need a pick-me-up, call your clients or friends and ask about the difference you’ve made for them.

Finally, through it all …

Lock onto your vision.

Of course, it’s important to listen to feedback, to weigh it, and to apply it to what you’re doing if it aligns with your vision. That being said, don’t let a couple of people throw you off your vision. Stay locked in—because this is your vision, it’s your gift, and it’s the transformation only you can provide.

In conclusion …

Fall in love—and stay connected to—the transformation you provide. When you do, you will sell more … and you’ll change the world!

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