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How to NEVER Feel Like a Failure as an Entrepreneur

HeartCore Business recently received a question from an entrepreneur who wanted to know how to keep her emotions under control. She said she went from feeling great, “in the rhythm,” and successful, to feeling like a failure—and back and forth and back and forth.

She called this emotional roller coaster exhausting … and we’re guessing you can relate.

It’s totally normal! Think about it: as an entrepreneur, you’re constantly in a cycle of making great progress and making less-than-stellar progress.

There are days when you get a lot done and days when you don’t. There are projects that give you a great return on investment, and projects that cost you tons of time, energy, and money—and don’t give you anything back.

We get it—the journey of entrepreneurship can be a rocky one, full of twists and turns.

Sometimes you soar, and sometimes you crash. But every success and every challenge is an important step on your journey—each one serves as a lesson.

But (you knew that was coming, right?!).

Here’s what you need to know about the emotional roller coaster—specifically, about letting yourself fall victim to those feelings of failure: it slows your progress.

Why? Because it steals your focus. It causes you to focus on that feeling of failure rather than on the finish line and the tasks you must complete to reach it.

There is one simple yet powerful method to avoid feeling like a failure—ever again.

It’s generosity.

When you approach your life holistically—making generosity a cornerstone—you win. Failure just isn’t part of your vocabulary. That sounds pretty awesome, right?

So how do you do that?

It’s about being a giver everywhere in your life.

Your initial reaction to this might be to think, “But I’m so busy. When I give too much, then my stuff doesn’t get done, and I end up stressed out, overwhelmed, and depleted.”

So before we dive in to different avenues to generosity, let’s talk about strong leadership.

Strong leadership is all about defining your vision, and the best path to making your vision reality. And how do you do this effectively? You release your emotional triggers. Feeling like you’re failing is often the result of you becoming emotionally triggered.

When you learn to release your emotional triggers, you’re better able to remain focused on your vision, and on the path to making it reality. If you find yourself feeling angry or frustrated—or like a failure—then you’ve got to dig deep and figure out why, so you can learn to let those emotions go.

In turn, you’ll remain laser-focused and solution-oriented, and you’ll continue to move toward your vision.

That is strong leadership.

Now, let’s talk about how to master your emotions around feeling like you’re failing.

Generosity is one of the absolute best ways to stop feeling like a failure, because when you’re giving, you are sharing your gifts and you are changing the world.

And even if you’re not manifesting your vision exactly as you want it to be, any time you’re sharing your gifts, you’re moving closer to it.

There are plenty of ways to be generous in your business, of course.

In terms of marketing, consider how you can take your best stuff and give it away. You might be thinking, “Give my best stuff away? You guys at HeartCore Business are crazy!” But here’s the thing: giving your best stuff away opens the space for you to come up with even better stuff … to innovate … to get stronger and better at what you do.

When you give away some of your best stuff, your prospects see it, use it, and are compelled to work with you—and then you have the opportunity to share even more with them … and in turn, change their lives.

And, of course, changing people’s lives is part of your vision, right?

Changing people’s lives is anything but a failure.

So the next time those feelings start creeping in, take a moment to think about how you can be generous, in your life and in your business!

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