It’s never going to happen unless you apply these 5 Rules to your business soon!


It’s never going to happen

unless you apply these 5 Rules to your  business soon!


5rules of business


I’ve been soul searching from a very healthy place lately.

Meaning that most of the times in my life when I soul searched I wasn’t exactly feeling good about my life.  In fact, in the past, I was inspired to soul search from a place of lack or of not having what I wanted in my life. 

At this point in time my life is outstanding!

I just took a month off and skied, bonded with my family, made some really great wealth-building investments, and SOLD OUT of our 2013 Mastermind.  It’s been an incredible end to the year!

However, it’s time now to work harder than we’ve ever worked before—to find out what we are made of and see just how many people we can impact in as short amount of time as possible.

The truth is that you can make a lot of money working part time.  Many people can make multiple six figures working part time in their business.  But what would it look like if you had motivation that fired you up so that work didn’t feel like a sacrifice you didn’t want to make?  

What if you could work harder than you’ve ever worked before, become a top name in your field, and set yourself up for millions in the bank?

Would that be something you’d be interested in doing?

Personally, making an impact in the world is a BIG deal for me, and working with other people who are not afraid of hard work is my ultimate dream.  I like to align with GIVERS who understand it’s important to have a good quality of life but also realize that to get that you have to work!

What I’ve found is that it’s important to stop making excuses in your business!   Your cash flow is locked in that room in your head that you’ve been unwilling to step into.  It’s where you fight tooth and nail to protect your “NO” or “NOT YET” answers.


Here are the hard facts!

Many people live their lives and never know how great they really are.


They pretend their children are more important to them than following their dreams.  But if that were true, you’d realize that your children will most likely give up on their dreams if you don’t go after yours.  So how does that calculate out as a loving gesture?  Children model their parents.


Often we try and say it’s not the right timing to do something we know we need to do.  I did this with branding HCW.  It costs a lot, and it takes a lot of clarity and time to come up with a new brand.  I’m happy to say that it’s still isn’t convenient and that’s exactly why we are re-branding now.


Trust me when I say that growth never has a right timing.  Change is uncomfortable, and the best CEO skill you can learn is to become comfortable with uncertainty and change.


I’ve watched women in our VIP programs go through bankruptcy and come out the other end with a financial peace.  Other women have had cancer and used their disease to inspire a deeper reason to be passionate about their purpose and make more money then they’ve ever made


My point is that you’ve got something to say, something to do, and people to help, and it’s time that you step up bigger than you’ve ever done before and make your dreams happen!

  • Don’t wait for a better time. 
  • Fight for what you want in life. 
  • Be determined to get the help you need, and get clear about how your business model is going to pay you so that you can keep making a difference.
  • Get business advice only from authentic and genuine people who are succeeding. 
  • Then use that person or people to help you get out of your mind and see your ideas from another viewpoint.


Here are Five Rules that I live by.  Hopefully they’ll help you build your business without wasting anymore time.

Rule #1  If you are not making the money you want, then something has to change in your business model NOW!

Rule #2  Giving away your services for cheap is like voluntarily enslaving yourself.  It doesn’t help you or your client.  People receive value based on how much they give. 

Rule #3  Write down three monthly goals and tie monthly benchmarks to them.  Work toward one benchmark a month so that after three months, you have an end result that moves your business forward. 

Rule #4  Keep it simple.  If your business is too complicated, then it probably won’t work.  That’s been my experience.  I don’t work with confused people, so make sure your business plan is easy to follow.

Rule #5  Let your business unfold naturally.   There is NO way you can see what’s coming down the pipeline for your business.  Be flexible in your mind and roll with the punches, twists, and turns.  Business evolves and rarely rolls out exactly as planned.  If you can be easy going and completely committed at the same time to your vision, then you’ll get there.


Most of all, believe in yourself no matter what your past history looks like. Many gurus paint pictures that show they came from rags to riches and leave out the most important stories.  Like the ones that say many times they did not get the results they were looking for. 


Every successful man or woman has come up short more times than they’ve succeeded.  The BIG SECRET is to get qualified help, dust your shoulders off, and get back in the game as quick as possible with a good coach!  


Here’s to this year being your BEST YEAR EVER!

Much Love,

Shanda Sumpter


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