How to make six figures in two months while on vacation!

How to make six figures in two months while on vacation!



OK, I know that probably sounded HYPEY!…But it’s not.  Two years in a row now I’ve taken the last month of the year off and have still earned well over $100k.

What was cool about this year is that my virtual assistant Laura handled everything while I was skiing in Whistler. 

Yes, she rocks, but that’s not the point.  The point is that you can do this as a woman entrepreneur too if you plan right.,

In fact, this is kind of my signature thing to do, and we teach this model to our VIP clients. What’s the point in making a lot of money if you aren’t out there spending it on things you love to do?


So here’s the deal.  I am going to invite you to challenge yourself today and create a fun to take “TIME OFF” game in your business to help motivate you and keep you on track this year!


I strongly believe that it’s because I give myself (and my team) downtime that our motivation and focus is through the roof during the year. 

Here’s how you can take a month off (or whatever time you want off) and still have your business THRIVE!


#1 Commit to taking time off!

Book a ticket to go somewhere in December so you have built-in accountability to stay committed.  Think of it like your payoff for working so hard.  The great thing is that it will help you become super profitable.  It's also a fact that women need rest more then men so treat this as a priority not a luxury! 

I personally like to put an insurance policy on my commitment and invite a friend to come along.  That way you can’t back out.


#2 Work a “Profit Plan.”

That means focus on CLIENT ATTRACTION before you focus on branding!

Many branders may not agree with me, but the truth is that I made almost a million dollars online before I spent a dime on branding. 

My strategy for you is to create a recurring CASH FLOW business model in your business so you have the funds to invest more in your business for ultimate success. 

If you are at a place where you need to figure out HOW to create a recurring cash flow model in your business, then I invite you to join us in the Inner Circle this month.  That’s EXACTLY what I am teaching this month, so don’t miss that.

Click here to join the Inner Circle and let’s do this!


#3 Look for ways to make a lot of money and reach many people at the same time.  This is a good strategy if you have a good network or your own client list.

Personally at HeartCore Women we teach women entrepreneurs through live stream trainings, webinars, and teleconference calls.  My suggestion is to start with the platform you feel most comfortable with.

Once you create the training, don’t just do it once and forget about it. 

LEVERAGE it by replaying it.  Then find additional joint venture partners who already serve your ideal clients to share your training with their audience.

Again, we are going to talk about this in the Inner Circle over the next few months.  If you need this kind of specialized training, then register for the Inner Circle today.

I hate to be in your face about getting the help you need, but that’s what I do.  I help women in business grow their profit margins.  So push, push 🙂


#4 Take good care of your clients once you have them!

The one thing I hear constantly from our VIP clients is that they feel loved and cherished.  That it’s never about the money, it’s about them getting results.  And that’s true. 

Go the extra mile and stop holding back.  WORK, work, and work some more!

Think long-term business.  There is a cost to acquiring every client that you have.

  Time cost

  Advertising cost

  Educational cost


Your business becomes more profitable when you nurture your client base so they become long-term clients.  In addition, any clients of yours that work with you long term will get better results.  Therefore, the quality of your testimonials get better.

We’ve all heard the stories of people who have worked with their coach and went from bankruptcy to owning a million-dollar business.  Those stories come from three or more years of committing.  No one is an overnight success, and the people who sell that story are misleading!

Bottom line is if you want stories that are compelling like that, then take fantastic care of your clients.

All right, that’s enough for today… Get to work and rock it out today!

Before you take off, PLEASE leave me a comment below.


Much Love,




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