Jennifer Powter and the Power of Community: A Real-Life ZONE Event Success Story

When Shanda Sumpter, HeartCore Business™ Queen Visionary, first met weight loss and fitness expert Jennifer Powter at The ZONE Event in 2017, Jennifer was going through a crazy storm: playing credit card roulette at the grocery store, wondering what she was going to do.

Now, a year after attending her first ZONE Event, she’s on the tail end of a massively-successful sales cycle, having brought in $150,000 in just 90 days!!

Shanda recently interviewed Jennifer, and we’re sharing some of Jennifer’s advice, here.

How It All Started

One of Jennifer’s friends called her several times during the months leading up to The ZONE Event in 2017, and she had so much going on in her life (getting married, moving, etc.) that she didn’t really consider going until her friend called her again.

That friend stood for her, reaching out to her several times to encourage her to attend The ZONE Event, because she thought Jennifer could truly benefit from it.

Jennifer had to get out of her own way in order to open her mind to the possibility that she could change things.

And she did: she attended The ZONE Event, and with what she learned, she recently brought that $150,000 in the door in just 90 days.

Although that kind of money in that timeframe might sound like magic or luck, Jennifer said, it’s not: it’s the result of a powerful community, a working formula, and faith and commitment.

Before The ZONE Event

Jennifer shared that although she’d earned $150,000 in just three months, she also started off at more than $100,000 in debt.

She’d gone through a divorce that was accompanied by monthly, five-figure legal bills. When she started her business, she had little kids, and although she felt like she was making a difference, she was also exhausted.

And those moments—in tears with piles of bills, wondering how she was going to get through—happened over and over again.

How Things Changed

Jennifer PowterBut, Jennifer said, if you find the right mentor, if you know yourself and trust yourself and have a strong vision, then you can break through.

Which is exactly what Jennifer did.

Now, she’s happily re-married (she and her husband have six children between them), and she’s experiencing the kind of entrepreneurial success she’s dreamed of since she first launched her business.

“Lots of times, people think that a world has to be calm or perfect to be successful,” Jennifer said, “and my world is definitely not that. There’s a lot of flux and travel and emotion and balance and ages and families and stepchildren.”

Another important concept to keep in mind, Jennifer said, is that there are women out there, creating movements, creating success, every day.

People make the decision to commit, but they don’t succeed on their own.

Women need women. We need mentors. And we need community.

And that, Jennifer said, is when amazing things happen.

For Jennifer, The ZONE Event provided a sense of community and belonging and inspiration that changed her life.

She said that although she always loved her life and appreciated what she had, being in dire financial straits all the time was overwhelming. It was hard.

So hearing that other women had experienced similar challenges—and had dug themselves out—was inspiring.

“It helped ground me and anchor my commitment,” Jennifer said.

To do things on your own, to silently struggle, is the ultimate form of self-punishment, she said. If you can trust someone who has a method, or a formula you can follow, and other people are getting the results you want, then it’s not magic or luck—it’s a formula and a community.

And, It’s Fun!

Jennifer shared that she’s never had more fun in her business than she has in the past three months.

“You just have to make it through the hard times,” she said. “You just have to keep going.”

In conclusion …

It’s like Jennifer said: “If you’re in a crappy place in your life right now, but you have this idea of a business or a dream, you just can’t give up. You can’t let your current circumstances dictate your future dreams.”

I’d love for you to comment below: what actions will you take, today, to work toward making your vision reality?

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