4 Tips to Stay Motivated and Exceed Your Biggest Goals

Take a moment to think about a big vision you have for your life—whether it’s related to your business, your relationships, or maybe even your personal life.

Once you’ve thought about that vision, take another moment to think about what you truly expect in terms of that dream, or that goal.

What if you could not only achieve those expectations, but actually exceed them?

It’s possible, and in today’s post, we’re sharing four tips for doing so.

Tip 1. Learn the difference between commitment and pushing too hard.

Where in your life are you pushing too hard?

Sometimes, when you push too hard, you actually repel the results you want.

With pushing comes an intensity, whereas, with commitment, you know you’re going to get there, no matter what. There’s an ease to it.

It’s a difference in energy. Committed energy is almost relaxed, because it comes with a knowing that you’ll do whatever it takes to get the result you want. There’s a rhythm to it.

Pushing carries an intense, almost desperate energy.

Of course, sometimes you have to push yourself to get something started, to gain momentum, but which energy would you rather have?

Tip 2. Map out golden nuggets.

Sometimes, as we we look at the big vision or the big dream, we can become overwhelmed. The road seems so long, at times, that it’s easy to feel like reaching that end goal is impossible. But it’s not.

That’s why it’s so important to celebrate those little golden nuggets, or benchmarks, that move you toward that big vision.

When you’re just setting your goal, looking at the long game plan, it’s critical that you manage your mind to look for the next golden nugget you can achieve.

For example, while your big vision may be to live in a big, ocean-view home, the benchmarks of getting to that place, financially, may be putting $500 into your savings account every month, or hitting that $2,000 mark in your savings account.

Looking for, and celebrating, those golden nuggets can keep you from becoming discouraged as you travel the long road to your big dream.

Tip 3. Commit, and then recommit.

Commit—out of your mind!—to reaching every single golden nugget along the path to your big vision.

If you miss a golden nugget, start over from the beginning of that golden nugget and recommit to it.

Many people hit a snag, believe that means their plan just didn’t work, and then switch gears completely.

The truth is that in most cases, YOU didn’t work. It’s not the plan, or the path that didn’t work, it’s that you worked on things other than those things that would empower you to experience the breakthrough you’re seeking.

For instance, so many people say they want more money, but instead of focusing on the element that would make them more money—sales—they focus on content creation or branding or banners.

None of those make you money, short-term … so if you need money now then focus on making offers every single day.

Pay attention to what you’re actually focusing on. Are you focusing on tasks that actually move the big lever?

We believe that when people aren’t hitting their goals, it’s because they’re not working on something that will actually get them to that golden nugget or benchmark—they’re working on something more inside their comfort zone.

They’re playing a mental game that goes something like, “I have this big vision, yet I’m focusing on the things that support it but don’t knock it out of the park.”

If you want to do really big things, then you need to focus on things that help you break through.

Tip 4. Want to receive more? You’ve got to believe you deserve it.

We receive what we feel like we deserve, on a subconscious level. If you want to increase your “deserve level,” then the best thing you can do is to give more. Be more generous.

Look at who you’re being behind closed doors, and when you’re being a generous, giving person, your level of self-worth will automatically increase.

4 Tips to Stay Motivated And Exceed Your Biggest Goals. Take a moment to think about a big vision you have for your life—whether it’s related to your business, your relationships, or maybe even your personal life. I'll share 4 tips on how to achieve AND exceed in those goals! #heartcorebusiness #businessempire #entrepreneur #coaching #onlinebusiness #businesscoach

In conclusion …

Instead of looking for actions and golden nuggets that will support your vision, look for actions and golden nuggets that will skyrocket your vision … that will empower you to break through and achieve even more than you might believe you’re capable of.

We’d love to hear from you: comment below and tell me about the vision you’ve been striving toward—and tell me about a golden nugget you’ve hit along the way.

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