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How to Make Money Blogging about things you LOVE!



There’s nothing like a good blog to make your life better!  Let me show you some simple ways to make money blogging about things you love.

What you can’t see is what time it is while I am writing this blog post.

It’s 1:57am and I’ve been up for almost an hour after following a Tweet to a hot Paleo blog that grabbed my attention.  

If you don’t know what Paleo is, it’s referred to as the Caveman Diet.  If you’ve ever gone to ONE OF THE MANY CrossFit gyms popping up all over the planet, then you’ve been introduced to Paleo style eating.  Often, men go off the diet because they lose too much weight, but for us GIRLS, that’s like music to our ears.

I got inspired after reading some of these health blogs this morning to encourage you to KEEP writing your blog. 

I know you are good at something that the world needs and wants.  Imagine if these ladies who wrote these Paleo blogs kept their secrets and talents to themselves.  Millions of people who can’t COOK (Like Me) would be lost!  – heheheh!  Honestly, I would be lost without these yummy recipes.

Sometimes it feels like no one is reading, but the truth is, if you share your blogs regularly on Twitter and Facebook (more frequently on Twitter), you’ll discover that you are making a difference.

To monetize your affiliate offers, products, or services, the best strategy is to take your blogs and convert them into weekly newsletters.  By far your newsletter will become your MOST CONSISTENT partner for filling your business with happy, loyal customers/clients.

When you approach your blogging content, pay attention to what Google recommends and what your clients are searching for to find additional topics to blog about.

For example:  Open Google up in your browser and see if your business helps people make money.  Before you write, bring to mind some Google searches that your client might be searching for.

“How to get out of debt”

“Saving for retirement”

“Making money online”

“How to build a business”

The brilliant thing is that Google will drop down a menu with THE MOST Popular

searches that your client is typing in.  Take a look below in the screen shot picture.



Instead of stressing over what you should put in your blog content, just ask your clients what they want.

Look, the absolute fastest way to drive traffic to your site, build a big list, and own your ability to earn incredible money is all wrapped up in your ability to give your clients what they are asking for.

This strategy will also prevent you from having writer’s block.

Let Google do the work for you, and create titles that are “Search Key Word Rich.”

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