5 Great Ways to Grow Your Email List


5 Great Ways to Grow Your Email List


Big topic today for every woman entrepreneur alive. Growing your email list is the #1 consistent strategy that we all have to focus on daily!

Let's put a system in place and use a CHECKLIST strategy to ensure that you are doing it, right?


1.  Content is QUEEN, ladies! And original content is a must. If you are repurposing blog content, please be sure and run your text through CopyScape.com. If your content is not original enough, Google will blacklist your article.

Next, be sure to write content that inspires your ideal client to rise above the fog and feel better about who they are. Write about things they want solutions for, but also try the approach of celebrating something that takes the edge off.

Oh – and ALWAYS ask for comments so you get a better gauge on what your clients want so you can provide more of that!

2.  Use a pop-up on your blog. Ok, I know that some people do not like pop-ups, but you have to understand that your ideal client LOVES your pop-up. They are looking for solutions in your field. Stop being shy and have your pop-up come up EVERY time a reader lands on your site.

We use PopUpDomination.com. I love them because you can use video or text. You can customize the pop-up for different offers and have it show up on all or just some of your pages. If you don't have a pop-up yet, grab a version of Pop Up Domination and get your VA to install it for you. It's easy. However, don't waste your time trying to figure it out.

3.  Offer a great eBook or video product as a free giveaway on your site.

Here's why you should do a video. It creates a deeper connection in your clients' hearts. When we analyze what causes people to buy your products and services, the research shows that when a customer or client falls in love with your story, essence, and point of view, they will feel safe to buy from you.

It works the opposite, too. It helps you and your client determine if you should be doing business together. This will help you to develop a long-term business relationship so you don't have to work so hard at attracting new business.


4.  Become BEST friends with GOOGLE!

There are two plug-ins for your blog that will create a deeper relationship with you and Google. Both are great, but you don't need both. Just choose one.

Scribe SEO – This is the one I use, and I love it! It's easy to use.

I teach about plug-ins like these in our low-cost Inner Circle coaching program

WordPress SEO – I am testing this one now. However, I've heard it's great.

5.  Video eBooks are GREAT ways to build your list and make a big difference.

We created one recently to help more women entrepreneurs focus and create a business that FIRES them up. To get an idea of how to easily create your own, check out ours. It's free. Click here to grab a copy now!

Your next step is to print out this blog post and use it like a checklist! Work on one step at a time, and complete all five this month! Now you will have an ever growing email list …

Leave me a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Much Love,

Shanda Sumpter

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