OMG YOU have to see this movie!!


OMG YOU have to see this movie!!


Have you ever seen the movie Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story?


OMG… I thought that I would catch another inspiring movie before bed and get in some core exercise at the same time.  In other words, I spread out my yoga mat on the living room floor and do sit-ups, Pilates moves, and basically tone my body while taking in a good flick.

If you ever find that you are stuck or uninspired, start to move your body

It tends to activate your motivation, and it's a strategy that I've been using for years!

Activity breeds more activity, so get moving if you want more.

Back to the point.

For the last 30 days I've experienced some really life-changing moments.

The lesson that keeps coming up for me is to trust more, give more, and take more breaks to do more of what I want. 

Of course you can't do that if you think that you are limited!

I had a scary moment last week when I found a lump in my neck.  It's amazing how quickly the fear of death can take over your life.  Especially when you really have NO IDEA what's about to happen. 

This happens for people all the time when they are building their businesses!  They create these crazy ideas that they aren't enough in some capacity or another.  

You think that if you risk too much that you will ACTUALLY DIE!   

You really do hurt yourself more by NOT following through

and finding out the truth about you!

. . . Just like that lump that appeared in my neck. 

Before long I was telling myself that I could forget having babies because my window is going to be taken away by healing my body.  I could go on with this story, but you can get the drift where my mind went. 

My head spiraled for about ten minutes, and then because of my ability to problem solve, new opportunities began to surface.

Don't get me wrong. I freaked out on and off for about a day, and then I went to get a professional opinion and it was HARD!  Just to get in to see a doctor was a two-hour wait in the middle of my day.

It turned out the doctor had NO IDEA what the lump was.  He said that nothing happens in that place of my neck so I shouldn't worry too much!

Maybe God wanted me to GO DEEPER with myself and experience how precious my life really is! – I don't know the reason.

The moral of the story is, don't give up on yourself before you get started.  

Things are going to come up that throw you off course, but stay in committed action.

Definitely don't put off love, making money, or having a family until everything seems perfect.  Life works in mysterious ways, and you've got to harness your desires now and stop trying to control them into perfect sense!

Whatever's in your path, you can handle.  It's been strategically put there by God and it's there to have you recognize WHO you ARE.  You are the DNA of God, and anything you want is available for you.

What surrounds you now is the creation of your own mind.

Stop waiting to play BIGGER.

Don't complain about needing more.

Get focused on ONE thing that will help get you back on track now and make that a priority!

Look, that little lump that appeared last week just showed me that if I got sick I could handle it!

My responsibility to my clients would not end because of illness.  It would have only been more of a reason for me to inspire you to be everything you desire because life is short. 

Count how many days you have been ALIVE.  Who knows how many you have left!

Don't waste them being angry, broke, or tired!

Make your life count, starting today.

I'd love to hear from you if you want to leave me a comment below.



Much Love,



P.S. The movie ROCKED.  If you love to FEEL good and inspired, go watch it.  I grabbed it off Netflix.

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