Co-Create: A Woman’s Easiest Path To Cash!


Co-Create: A Woman's Easiest Path To Cash!

I'm really happy this morning and thankful that I am.  I've had some really hard knocks lately, but my spirits are high!

The one thing that I know for sure is if you aren't making a decision, you are sitting in SHIT !  Sorry, but it's true.   

It's insanity to wish that things would get better, yet you do nothing about changing your situation? 

I know it's hard to get out of financial or emotional debt, but it is possible.


Co-Create: A Woman's Easiest Path To Cash!


Here is the EASIEST path that I know- Co-create!

#1 You’ve got to co-create something magical that serves a big desire in your market.  

Quick note:  You’ll see me put this into action on JULY 30th (my birthday).

I am co-creating a never-done-before, three-hour Live-Stream Event with three other very successful women! 

You’ll get more of this on my BDay … And don’t worry, it’s FREE, and you will also get a chance tomake a difference in the world as a group.

But here’s the important part for you! 

Leverage your skills, talents, and reach with other partners.  It’s not up to you to change the world by yourself and to reach freedom quickly. Your best bet is to find a project true to your heart that you can co-create on!


#2 Get out of your own way!

Look, I know that you want to do good in the world and that you also want to get paid healthily for it.  

If you are riddled in reasons why NOW ISN’T the right TIME or whatever else is your determining factor for being UNKNOWN, then this is never going to work.

You don’t need another book or meditation.  You probably have practiced that technique forever. It’s only PART of the equation.  

You’ve got to take a BIGGER RISK than you’ve ever done before.  It’s time to trust your instincts that you can do it and get help in the area that you need most.


#3 Be happy.

This sounds so simple, but how much of your day are you frustrated or challenged?  This isn’t working for you anymore.

Here is the sign that is in my office to remind me that RICH WOMEN are not pessimistic.



Finish what you start (including a book), and get committed to something bigger than you.  

Meaning, start a co-creation project that you can’t get out of.  Put some money on the line; accountability is a great way to follow through!

Most of all, don’t tell yourself that you can’t!  That’s such a copout.  You really can, and I love being here to help you any way that I can.

Sending you love and passion to get  the job done today.


Much Love,

Shanda Sumpter
Queen Visionary | HeartCore Women

P.S. Stop struggling with making money and use the INTERNET as a partner to leverage your TIME and talents.




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