Quick Fix: How to Overcome Hidden Sabotages that Prevent Future Success!

Quick Fix:  How to Overcome Hidden Sabotages that Prevent Future Success! 

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You are the perfect person to talk to about this subject—I know that you’ll appreciate this.  Last Saturday I was swimming with my triathlon coach AND another professional swim coach to learn better technique.  

It was actually Katya my regular coach who suggested that I train with this other swim coach.

I love coaches who can be abundant enough and committed to helping you reach your ultimate goal.  That’s the kind of coach you want to work with.  Not someone who thinks they are the best at everything, because that’s just not possible.

Back to my swim training.  So I’m in the pool practicing the 4 B’s—it’s Michael Phelps’s swim program—Breath Control, Buoyancy, Balance, and Body Position. Thinking about them all at the same time while trying not to drown is a task on its own!

Then I had my AH-HA moment.  I’ve always known that working with specialized coaches is the best way to avoid struggling as much and to reach my ultimate goal.  What I found miraculous was how much we really don’t know what we don’t know until we work with a professional.

I’ve been doing athletics all my life and, yes, I’ve always hired good coaches, but it never dawned on me to hire a swim coach.   Michael (the swim pro coach) tweaked my head position, teaching me how to breathe in a way that made the water HELP me glide toward the finish line. All in all, he made swimming so much more enjoyable than I’ve ever experienced.

My question is . . . how long have you been trying to run your business the HARD way?  And isn’t it about time you stop watching videos and reading books, and start committing to working with a pro business coach?

Never again will I hold back on investing in what I want, and I suggest that you do the same.  Imagine what your life would look like if you spent one year focusing with a pro business coach and you did everything they asked you to do!

I’ll tell you what would happen.  Everything you’ve studied up until now would come together and make sense.  You’ve learned more than you know you have, and with the proper business coaching, you can have all that monetized for you once and for all!

Next, you’d discover that you don’t have to live without!  What if you could take that trip of a lifetime to Egypt or go visit John of God in Brazil next week if you decided to?  Bring the kids and hire a nanny who LOVES your kids to give you the space to meditate with monks.

Not that you have to do any of the above things, but you know what I mean!  Live your LIFE now!  Wouldn’t you rather have peace, money, and love instead of lack, boredom, and living beneath your potential?

It’s a choice, and I hope I can crack open a space for you to realize that you do have the power to live the way you want.  You just need to take that step toward what you are resisting.  That is where your FREEDOM is waiting for you.

It’s not going to show up and be easy for you.  Here’s why . . . it comes down to FAITH, and faith balances on the shoulders of knowing who you are.  The best way I know for you to discover a deeper part of yourself is to build a purpose-driven business.

You can take everything you’ve read in this newsletter and apply it to your future and live into your potential.  If you’d like my help to do it, then join me in the Inner Circle Coaching program.  It’s the perfect place for me to help keep you accountable to your dreams.


Here’s to you not holding back!


Much Love,

Shanda Sumpter


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