Client Attraction Formula: How to Attract Premium High-End Clients!

Client Attraction Formula:  How to Attract Premium High-End Clients!

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Dear Reader,

I just got a fantastic question the other day about how to attract premium high-end clients.  Because I know that many of my readers are interested in getting good clients, I thought this would be a good question to coach on today!

Here’s the truth about what steps to take today to attract premium high-end clients!

The following rules apply to attracting premium high-end clients.  

#1 You have to charge enough for your services.  High-end clients don’t trust CHEAP.  A bargain shopper is attracted to discounts; a high-end shopper is looking for value.  My mentor always says GOOD doesn’t go on sale.  I have to agree.  Through experience, every time I have discounted in the past to help someone who is struggling, they never seem to make it.  The group of clients who finds a way to afford your services does what it takes to discover happiness and success!

#2 Build a lead-generation product online that speaks to VALUE in your area of expertise.  In other words, build a subscriber list!  Give something away for FREE that your ideal client would view as priceless.  This will build a strong relationship and result in attaining premium clients.  Remember that high-end buyers are not looking for CHEAP gifts.  They want you to move them, serve them, and show them your class!

#3 High-end buyers do look at branding.  I don’t, however, suggest spending the money on branding when you first open a business.  It’s more important for you to establish a list of subscribers first. I do suggest that after you build that list, then you invest in a good brander.  It will more than double your income.  I personally love Re Perez from Branding for the People!

#4 Customer Service is key.  Make sure you aren’t giving the impression that you are busy!  I remember when I got started I used to make my customers wait days to speak with me because I was so busy trying to organize my life.  Don’t do that.  You should have systems in place to get on the phone with your high-end client as soon as possible.  Good customer service is HUGE at this level.  High-end clients in general don’t like to wait, and if you don’t show up when the iron is hot, they will seek out someone who is!

Obviously, sometimes it’s unavoidable to push the meeting out a few days, but if that is your normal routine, then reevaluate your system.  It might be that you are afraid to grow so you stay unavailable.

No matter who your ideal client really is, the steps above will serve you well!

Make sure that you are being yourself with your clients and allowing your authentic personality to shine.  The days of overly professional etiquette are out of style.  People buy from real people, so show your brilliant self and give your client what they want most!

I hope this helped.  I’d love to hear from you, so leave me your thoughts below in the comment box.  Did this article help?



Shanda Sumpter

Business & Success Coach


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