Are You Running Out Of Steam?

 How Safe Is Your Business When You Are Running Out Of Steam?

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. 
Richard Branson
Let’s talk about your energy and your ability to keep this pace up!

As a woman entrepreneur, you have to learn quickly how to sustain your energy. Otherwise, how safe is your business when you are running out of steam?  
Not safe at all, and neither are you.

Someday you are going to want to slow down, or worse you’ll be forced to slow down, whatever comes first.  Imagine setting up a system that takes care of you both now and when you decide that you’ve had enough work for a lifetime.

I know that this article is important to us women because time is a sensitive subject with us—especially if we are feeling the aging process—but the truth is that with a few years of hard work, you can learn your marketing enough to enable you to pause and set up a system to empower your future leisure time.  If that’s attractive to you as a woman entrepreneur or business owner, then this message is designed specifically for you.

When was the last time you took a break and had some FUN?
Maybe you’ve forgotten what fun is.  If that’s the case—no problem, because we’re going to do some brainstorming together to bring about the happiest most productive version of YOU!

Here’s why you want to do this: 
  • You want to get unstuck and get moving again.
  • Your lover has expressed that you are not fun anymore.
  • You don’t take time to nurture yourself.
  • You are feeling stressed to the rim.
  • You want your life to be EXCELLENT. 
Here’s the part that is relevant to your business.  You absorb information better when you are happy.  It creates space for you to consume information and apply it.  So if you can’t figure out why things aren’t working, STOP PUSHING so hard.

Yes, business isn’t easy, but it has many moments of complete bliss!  It’s time we expand those moments for you so that business as usual takes on a new meaning for you.

Write down your TOP 5 things that you find FUN!
Here are mine:
  1. Listening to classical music with all the candles lit and baking cookies.
  2. Going on roller coasters—gosh, I love how hard I laugh.
  3. Going out dancing with friends.  It makes me feel like a woman again!
  4. Snow skiing.
  5. Coloring like a little girl in front of the TV—I’ve been doing this for years.

Now what are your TOP 5 Fun Activities?

Step #1 Write them down now.

Step #2 Transfer them to an index card that you can carry with you everywhere. When you are feeling off, pull out your card and commit to doing something on your FUN chart.

Step#3 Schedule one fun activity in your calendar this week. 

Step #4 Inspire us all and CAUSE a ripple effect in the world by sharing your FAVORITE fun activity in the comment box below.  
Much Love,
Shanda Sumpter

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