Women And Money: The Art Of Being More Of Who You Are!

Women And Money: The Art Of Being More Of Who You Are!


“Women and money” is one of my favorite topics and has been most of my life.  It’s amazing how we still fight to get paid what our masculine partners do because we still hold back on asking for what we are worth.

Recently I read a report on women in business, and it showed that within the next two years women will be the richer gender.  

So, obviously, there is a group of women who are paving the way and getting paid for the value they bring.  As you dig deeper into the statistics, you’ll find that women have a more difficult time asking for and getting what they deserve.  

I’m not bringing this up to activate any “less than” style of conversation.  My point is to inspire you as a woman to do your inner work.  Pay attention to what makes you uncomfortable and discover more of who you are.

When you find your true calling in your business, you will become more of who you are. You won’t stop where you did in the past. You’ll stand on top of any mountain you set out to climb and, most of all, you will stop using money as an excuse not to live your life!

Money Makes You More Of Who You Already Are.

It’s not that you can’t make more money, it’s more like you are blocked from finding out who you really are. That is the DNA of our heavenly father. 

Money doesn’t give you power over other people.  It gives you keys to open different doors.  There are many doors that you can choose to walk through.  If your desire isn’t to travel, drive nice cars, or have more financial security, then don’t worry about making more money.

But if you do want more freedom, that door is opened by being thankful for what you already have.  

Here’s how to know if you appreciate what you have already:

You love doing what you do.  You feel content with your lifestyle, and it doesn’t stress you out to have to make more.  You feel equal to people with money and people without.  What matters to you most is YOU!

Who Are You?

Do you know who you are when you stop striving for more?  Try it—let go of the pressure that you have to gain more and see what happens.  You’ll find that this weight will melt off your back. 

Your energy OPENS up to receive what’s in your space.  As a woman on a mission to fund more dreams, this is a critical step in gathering together.  All of our happiness and ability to create is in our ability to be happy right where we are.  

From there you can pick up what God’s left for you to experience, and that’s everything that you’ve been trying to get!

Operate from LOVE and let go of what you fear!


Much Love,

Shanda Sumpter
HeartCoreWomen/ Queen Visionary

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Hi! I’m Shanda Sumpter, owner of HeartCore Business, investor to entrepreneurs on The Pitch, and named as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in 2017, 2018, and 2019. I’ve helped business owners all over the nation grow and scale their businesses while enjoying their lives more. I believe in giving generously and being honest—all in the name of leaving a legacy.

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