HeartCore Business Secrets to Close a Deal

Secrets to Closing a Sale

When it comes to closing a sale, it’s critical to understand how to deal with your potential customers’ pushback.

When we’re making sales, we often hear objections—it’s a fact of life when you’re selling anything.

If you’re selling products or services, there are a few common issues that come up over and over again.

Most objections to sales, come down to three things: money, time, and effectiveness:

  • I can’t afford this.
  • I don’t know if I have time for this.
  • How do I know this will work for me?

Of course, the big one is money! Overcoming cost objections is all about illustrating the value in your offer—about making the offer valuable enough that the prospect can’t resist.

Beyond this, as an entrepreneur, part of what you’re selling is a transformation. Your promise of transformation is related to your prospects getting past limiting beliefs and improving their lives.

One of the best ways you can be of service when you’re selling is to guide potential clients (i.e., prospects)  past their limiting beliefs around money.

You can begin by showing the prospect an imaginary situation that illustrates where their drive and determination may come into play.

Here’s how you might begin the conversation:

“I hear that you have a money shortage right now, so you feel like you can’t pay for this. And I know it feels really real for you. But I also know that if you had a life emergency where you NEEDED money, you would find a way to get it.”

Then, you could say, “What would happen in your life if you found a way to afford not only the money to RESPOND to an emergency but to CREATE a better life for yourself?”

This conversation is all about opening up the possibility of the prospect changing the way he or she operates around money.

Next, you dive into what, exactly, would make your offer valuable enough to entice him or her to buy.

“What do I need to say right now that would have you actually see the value in stepping forward and investing in this product as a means to move closer to your vision or dream? What’s missing for you?”

In so many cases, this is where a prospect will reiterate that he or she wants the product, but can’t afford it. Stick with it! Get the answer to your questions.

Say, “Stick with me. Just play the game with me. Do you want this product?”

And when they say, “Yes,” then go back into vision. Dive into why they want the product.

Another question you may want to ask is, “What would have to happen in your life, business, marriage (whatever you specialize in), within a year, in order for you to feel like working with me was a success?”

Again, show them that vision—and show them that your product or service can get them from where they are now to where they want to be.

Enrolling someone into a product or service is all about your leadership. It’s about your ability to lead someone to the vision he or she really wants, and to show him or her the value of what you’re offering in terms of making that vision reality.

Let me know in the comments below if you’re FIRED UP to try this technique!


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