The Shocking Truth About “Habits Of Successful People” Part I

The Shocking Truth About 
 “Habits Of Successful People”
Part I
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Once you read this article from top to bottom, you’ll discover that when you make a few tweaks to your habits, you’ll find more success and happier times ahead. The shocking part is that this isn’t as hard as you may think!

Habits You’ll Want To Take On!

Critical Thinking: Successful people have a habit of finding ways to make things work and tend to lean towards the idea that most things are possible. When making decisions, they operate in the light or the FLOW, as esoteric people say.  

Although they are convincing in their stand, they are flexible on how to reach their goals. They care more about taking their vision to completion than about controlling the daily operations of getting there.

This is why highly paid individuals outsource those parts of their life that someone else can do instead.  Delegation is a skill of successful people. They don’t ask themselves if they can afford it—they find a way to make it happen!

  • Are you being flexible with your path to success?  
  • Are you outsourcing the jobs that don’t make you money?

ASK better questions: Asking better questions is a strategy that you should get into the habit of implementing. To achieve being in the flow, you have to be willing to stop and recognize that you’re out of the flow and that it’s time to correct your course. To do that, ask better questions that can lead you to your desired result.

Every thought either takes you forward or backward—you never get to stay still! This is why change is the only constant in life.

Here are some thought patterns that either block you or take you to the next evolution of your life.

Example: You want a new car. 

  • Blocked Thinking: I can’t afford it, but I want it so bad. My car is getting old and it’s going to break down, but I just don’t make enough money to buy a new car! What am I going to do? 
  • Forward Thinking: What is the fastest way for me to generate the money to buy a new Lexus?

Here’s the missing link that many people are not conscious of when casting their intention into the world.  

Every ASK has a GIVE. Once you ask a forward-thinking question, you WILL get an answer—you will unblock your flow.  However, you might backtrack again when it comes to the giving part. 

To get that new Lexus might require that you live in a less expensive house, in an area that isn’t your first choice. However, that doesn’t mean you should feel bad about it. When you achieve being in the flow of highly successful people, you will realize that they GRACEFULLY give up something of value to receive something that is of greater value to them.

There is no way around this universal principle of giving and receiving. There is a cause and effect to everything. Generosity in the flow causes great abundance in your life. 

I know that putting this into practice can be hard at first. However, when you analyze why you are blocked, ask yourself: What am I not willing to give here?That should help you get going again. 

God bless your future intentions and your ability to be generous with your GIVING!  

To get started, enter your intention in the comment box below, stating what you are willing to GIVE in order to receive what you want. 

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