How to Reduce Negative Self-Talk In Just 5 minutes

How to Reduce Negative Self-Talk In Just 5 minutes a Day!

We chose this topic to discuss because negative self-talk can be very challenging to overcome.  In fact, it steals your future, financial success, and happiness in one fell swoop!

Here’s why!

Your SUBconscious mind is like a recorder, documenting every action and reaction no matter what.  When you were born your conscious brain was not formed enough to make your own choices, so your SUBconscious began filling in the gaps.  The beliefs of your parents and other family members became your beliefs about life.

Today, when you look at making a change in your life you have to deal with not only your conscious mind, but your emotional subconscious mind.  The challenge is that your subconscious mind is filled with other people’s beliefs.  This is why you sabotage yourself even when you say that you want a real change.

I know it sounds a bit confusing, but follow me here, because I do have a point!

Here’s the deal!  Your conscious mind has the ability to make a choice when your SUBconscious does not.  It has to accept what you accept. That’s why as you are manifesting something special in your life you will want to be aware of what you are allowing INTO your mind.  

This is where coaches become so valuable to your success.  They help you navigate your self-doubt, excuses, and help keep you going when things are getting tough. 

When you plop yourself in front of the television and fill your head with news reports on all of the destruction happenings in the world, you can’t help but become negatively influenced.  The next step is your brain moves forward and forms an opinion that effects your future perception. That opinion becomes a subconscious belief.  This is where you get into trouble.

The negative THOUGHTS that come out of watching the news influence future decisions that alter your ability to be positive.   

 These ideas lodge themselves in your mind and act like a virus to the rest of your decision-making process. 

True Story!  I had a client 3 years ago whose business was exploding.  She went from 1 employee to 12 staff in just six months.  One week went by between coaching sessions and she inundated herself with the news.  By the time her next coaching session came around she was ready to quit her business and give up.  She was so paralyzed with fears and “what Ifs”….  So here’s what I decided from that point forward.  DON’T ALLOW NEGATIVE INFORMATION IN UNTIL YOU ARE ZEN ENOUGH TO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE! 

Here’s where your business can become affected.  Every action you take in your business is preceded by a thought. Therefore if you manage your IN coming information long enough, you can begin to form a new success habit.  You will see a massive shift in your business.

Listen to positive information products and watch how you start to feel better.  Your motivation goes up immediately and so do your results.  

Now I know that this may sound too good to be true.  As if it’s as simple as managing what you listen to in order to make a positive life shift, but it could be as simple as that!   My suggestion is to just try it and see what happens.  How can you go wrong by being positive with yourself for 30 consecutive days?

If everything starts in the mind then start making healthy choices moving forward.  Your mental stability determines if you will invest in a coach, eat nourishing food, or follow through on your goals.  It’s all within you to make it happen. Everything you do is interconnected. 


Try this:

  • Treat yourself with love and feed your mind positive information 
  • Stop judging the people around you because you DO get what you are giving 
  • Take time to connect with one big dream you have for your life 
  • Be kind to people because your network is you net-worth 

Your life tells the story about who you have been to others!


  • Do people love you, or do you have broken relationships all over the place? 
  • Is your bank account full, or does paying the bills make you angry? 
  • Do you wake up happy, or are you frustrated most days? 

Whatever your answers are, just know that everything you see is a projection of your thoughts.
  Whatever you believe, you will conceive.  

5 Minute Practice Series

This is very simple and it’s important that you keep it simple.

If you try to obtain your goals with intensity you shut down your ability to connect to the flow.  For the next 30 days meditate for 5 minutes a day immediately upon rising.

Start with taking deep breaths until your breath fills your body.  Keep breathing deep until your body relaxes completely.  

Then allow yourself to think about your next dream coming true.  Spend the remainder of the 5 minutes playing in your vision as if you are living in it. 

Every day for the next 30 days or more think ONLY of your same dream until your life manifests exactly that!

My Secret:  I like to set a timer on my blackberry for 5 minutes so that I let go of all time and space. I find a quiet place and start manifesting!

Many Blessings & As Always Much Love,

Shanda Sumpter

Queen Visionary | HeartCore Women Int.


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