Stop Wasting Money Working From Home!

To her, coffee smelt like freshly ground heaven

The top challenge a business owner has working from home is making money!  It’s not because making money is hard, it’s because working alone behind a computer takes discipline.

It’s not easy to be productive when the fridge is ten feet away, Facebook is a click away, and, let’s face it, asking for the sale is frightening.

So what can entrepreneurs who choose to work from home do?

#1 You can join a shared workplace. 
There is a lot of proof to the idea that when you invest in your business, you tend to do better.  In fact, when I was swimming this morning I thought,  People invest in what’s important to them and what they are committed to, period!

Broke people buy a $6 Starbucks each day.  That’s $180 a month.
You could put that toward a shared workspace and get the stimulation you need to be more productive.  Not to mention, when you are around other business owners, you tend to grow automatically because people are influenced by their environment.

#2  Run a Half Marathon!
I bet you didn’t expect that suggestion.
We have found that entrepreneurs who train for races do much better with problem solving in their businesses. They work harder and smarter because the training plans force them to stretch past their comfort zones.

This discipline increases the business owner’s self-respect, and that equals getting paid what they are worth.  It makes them more consistent. Working a plan to the very end keeps entrepreneurs from quitting before they get results.

In addition, they become happier, healthier people, and that attracts more clients.

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#3 Track Your Hours.
This is a strategy I do with clients to show them where their pattern breaks down.

Here’s what I mean.  We all have different times in the day when we are productive and when we turn off.

Whatever is not tracked is not measured, so unless you write down what you do each hour of the day, you really don’t know what times of the day you are most productive.

For instance, I work well in three-hour and three-day focus plans!  What is your best pattern to make money?

Here’s what to do.
For the rest of the day, declare what you will work on for the next 60 min. Write it down.  Then after that hour, debrief for two min. what you accomplished.

This will let you know how much time you are wasting, what hours you are more productive, and help you focus.  Try this for an entire week.

I hope this helped!
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