Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Money

Women: Stop Wasting Time
and Start Making Money

This might sound crazy, but a lot of the issues you experience in your business are coming from a lack of self-awareness.  It’s not that you are short of skills, time or prosperity, it is more that we are conditioned to fail.
As I finish reading A Course In Miracles this morning, my brain is letting go of additional judgments that are floating around in my life, holding me back from seeing truth.  The highlighted message for today is that you can’t see THE WAY when you are caught up in grievances.   Grievances are the dark thoughts of separation from what you want or about another human being.  
The lesson goes on to share that we can only see what’s available for us when we combine light and vision together as one.  Ask yourself, are you allowing yourself to dream and create a vision, or are you mixed up in thoughts of despair and lack?

So here’s how you apply this lesson:
When you are trying to build a business, constant challenges come up. It’s as if you are running through an obstacle course—there are walls, hurdles, and long stretches of road in front of you.  
The problem lies in that you are not aware that EVERYONE is running the same course (some people might be ahead of you or behind you on the course), but,nevertheless, we are all in the race together.  This is why comparison is such an EGO trick. 
Imagine if you could realize that the race is all pretend anyway and that you CAN jump over the hurdles even when you think you can’t!
Well, this is what the financially successful people have figured out. 
They are confident that if they get an idea,  they can run the next leg of the race. 
And whatever comes up, they are WILLING to find a way over the wall.
Here’s the FLIP about people who STAY stuck!
They really believe that they can’t get over the walls and are challenged by trusting others to help them.
This reminds me of how they train elephants.  The baby elephant is tied to a post for weeks until it believes that it can’t go any farther than the end of the rope.  Eventually the trainers can remove the rope and the elephant won’t run away.  That’s the power of your belief system.
You have the power to break down any limitations that you think you have. You can make the exact amount of money you want. 
You can travel when you choose.
If you decide that it’s time to hire someone to helpyou run your business, then you can do that too!
The missing link is that you don’t believe.  So, as many of the masters say—just believe!
As a parting thought, I would like to share with you that every one of us gets scared and has our down moments.  It’s not that anyone is better than someone else, it’s just that you need to have faith and an abundant network around you if you want to THRIVE.
It’s available. You just have to ACCEPT help when it’s in front of you.
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Much Love,
Shanda Sumpter
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