The 6-Step Guilt-Free Sales Process That Every Business Needs to Know to Sell More and Attract More Clients!

You got into business to make money, not to be stressed out, right?

Hopefully you are making great money, and the truth is that most business owners close the doors because of financial issues.  I’d like to help anyone out there who has a desire to own their own business or to up-level their financial picture to find the plan to do it.

I’ve discovered a six-step plan that works great for me when marketing a new or old product.  There’s a process that educates your client on your product and the benefit of that product so they buy more.  Here’s the plan:

#1 Start with a good INTRO story.  People buy into ideas that make them feel good.   Every product started with an idea.  Go back and re-inspire yourself with the REASON you created your product or program and start with telling that story. This creates a connection, and that will convert to money in the bank!

#2 Identify the problem and SPEAK into it.  Look, we all have a few problems with almost everything in life.  Problems are a reality in the mind, and we as a society are more stressed out than ever. Therefore, this has resulted in a programming of human beings thinking more negative than positive.  So start to outline the BIG, COMMON problem in your marketing.

#3 BE the SOLUTION to your ideal client/customer! Be specific and clear.  Don’t get too wordy here.  Your client just needs to know that you’ve heard them and you know how to solve their problem.  Take some time and outline your point of view to solve the problem.  This is not the time to be liked!  Here’s what I mean.  Don’t worry about everyone agreeing with you. In fact, you want to have a strong point of view so that only a select few buy into your idea and they are CLEAR they agree with you.  You need the divide in the sand to make more sales.  That’s a clear and unwavering decision to purchase what you are selling.  Don’t make the mistake of worrying about upsetting people. Make a clear offer that stands next to a strong point of view!

#4 Next, show proof that your solution works! This step is important because this is where you help people overcome their negative self-talk.  Too many people miss opportunities because they don’t realize that they are worthy to buy your product.  So you need to do this step with certainty.  Use testimonials or use other convincing success stories about your product or service.  You can find social proof online for almost everything!

#5 It’s benefit TIME! Remind your ideal client about the benefits.  Think of this like a summary of what you just talked about.  Take a few minutes and review the main six or seven benefits to owning your product.  This helps people to ground your point of view and make a decision faster!

#6 Make your OFFER and don’t overtalk it! It’s easy to talk too much when you are nervous.  It’s easy to write too much or not enough when we are trying to convince. My best advice here is to talk out your offer out loud and practice it five times.

Then decide if you believe it and how you feel when you make the offer.  Do you feel slimy or proud?  Once you feel proud, you’ve got self-worth behind your offer and you’ll sell more.  At that point, whether you are writing an email offer or doing a webinar, it’s time to make the offer guilt free!

That’s it.  That’s my six-step plan.  The only thing that I’d add is to give an outstanding guarantee to boost more sales.  Make it easy for people to buy. 

Take 10 seconds and leave me a comment below.  I’d love to know what you found valuable in today’s blog.  You can put your comment below.

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