Bump Retail Sales: Online and Off-line Marketing for Retail Owners!

To become a brilliant CEO, I believe that you need to understand marketing.  You can always have a smarter team in place to execute your marketing. However, effective sales and marketing is key to you never struggling again financially. 

You don’t want to just understand marketing; you want to get incredibly savvy at it.  The good news is that it’s not that hard, and I’ll outline that for you in this article, so keep reading. 

I think so many people think it’s branding, their websites, and saying the exact words that are going to make them more sales. They think if they only knew this one thing, their lives would be easier and the doors to the treasure chest would open.  Not true!

I realized that we were having a MELTDOWN in the business owners’ world.  I started investigating what has made some people successful while others fail! Well, I figured it out.  The inner sabotage to success has been that business owners have been too busy and they’ve been putting together their businesses in the wrong order.

That’s why for the last year I’ve been out preaching the message to business professionals to stop making marketing complicated.  Stop wasting your precious time and get strategic in building your business.

Here’s the problem business owners face—especially stay-at-home business owners.

You aren’t listening or watching, and you’re still trying to do too much on your own.  Let’s take retail owners as an example. 

1) Victoria’s Secret and Tiffany & Company are showing you two examples of marketing that would help you grow your holiday sales.  Are you listening?

Victoria’s Secret hooks this season with the headline Free Cotton Low-Rise Cheeky.

What can you learn from this in terms of good marketing? First, they are GIVING away something free that you don’t have to buy anything to get.  SMART! How could you use this in your marketing?

Think about it and make a decision now.

A major reason business owners fail is they take too long to make a decision.  You’ll never get it perfect, but you’ll sell more if you just make a move.

2) Tiffany & Company is for a luxury client, so if that’s your market, pay attention to what they are doing.  Learn from the best!  They mailed an expensive marketing piece—a blue envelope with a well-laid-out holiday catalog.  No sales items, but looking in the catalog made you want to up-level your life with good memories.  They played off the perfectly romantic relationship during the holiday season to sell more jewelry. What can you do in your story by telling, pictures, and headlines to sell more items?

Marketing is simply good-FEELING storytelling.

Remember when you were a kid and you had a dream?  Then somehow you became logical and rigid.  Well, to be a good marketer you get to dream again.  Allow yourself to open up and paint a picture that feels good to people.  It’s really a blessing for you and for your client.  Dream BIGGER and share that dream you have for people to buy into.

The benefits will make you smile.
You’ll get to see your product or service make a difference in someone’s life.

When I put on a pair of “Lucky Jeans,” I feel sexy and attractive.  I know that you have a brand that does that for you.

Put a vision behind your product and keep telling that story over and over again.  You don’t have to keep coming up with NEW stuff to keep your client/customer happy.

The seasons lend themselves to tell new stories, but your vision behind the benefit your product offers should always stay the same.  You’ll see that when you give up being A-D-D with your benefits that your business will grow.

I hope that this article supported your dream to make more money, grow a stable business, and simplify your life so you can streamline your marketing efforts.

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Shanda Sumpter
CEO | HeartCore Business

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