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The Devastating Truth No Mother Wants To Admit

One of the greatest blocks for women that is preventing them from embarking on the true quest of their calling is . . . mommy guilt!

Guilt is the source of so much fear.

Mommy guilt means you’re neglecting your child.

These feelings are real and, just like every woman on the planet, I feel them too.

When you’re not pouring into your relationship with your children, it’s painful because you don’t want to outsource being a mom.

Working moms who feel guilt need to hear this.

Watch the video below, or keep reading, to hear what it takes to stop mommy guilt and still succeed across the finish line!

You’re purpose matters. The meaning of your life is not just to be a mother.

It’s to be the role model of a mother that goes all the way across the finish line.

In fact, it’s to run across multiple finish lines.

It’s one thing to get up and get to the starting place of running a race, but you’ve got to keep getting up. You’ve got to keep crossing the finish line.


Because your child is watching.

You’re here to do something so much more than just juggle and get by.

And you know what?

Things have changed in this age. The rules have changed. This is really, really good news – not bad news. Let me tell you why.

With these new rules, your calling is a critical part of your life. It’s a critical part of thriving and not just getting by. And when you thrive, people are listening and they’re watching. They’re paying attention to the impact you’re having on their lives and the life around you. They’re paying attention to how you’re changing the world.

And now, more than ever, our world needs women who are strong leaders. Specifically, the world needs leaders who stand up for what they believe in.

How are you going to take a stand for what you believe in?

1. Give Yourself Permission

First, you’ve got to give yourself permission that it’s okay that you have the drive to do take a stand. When I was starting out, I thought “I don’t know if building a business to this level is worth it.” With guilt, you start to create logic. When we consider quitting – the dangerous thing about that is going backwards. But going backwards should never be an option. If you go backwards, it’s like you’re setting a “deserve level” in your brain that is going to stay at that level, and it’s going to affect all the other areas that you care about: your parenting, your relationship, your fitness, your money for retirement, all of that.

2. Stop Apologizing

Don’t apologize for wanting to create an extraordinary result with your life, a legacy along with a life. Guilt uses up valuable energy that can be turned into service. You have to discover a new reality that is in a totally different context. Can you evolve with change? Can you allow for something different to fill the space that stress is occupying?

3. Be a Role Model

You are the role model for an extraordinary life. Teach your kids by showing them that they can do whatever they want in life, that they can be as big as they want to be! The decision is not to create more little humans that grow up to be people who quit. Your decisions are impacting the next generation and here’s the deal: Your child is going to be friends with somebody else’s child, so you have to take a stand; you have to spread this message!

Women so often try to do so much by themselves!

This results in . . . STRESS!

Stress clouds our ability to see reality and it is NOT a gift to anyone. Nobody should miss out on reading stories with their child because of stress.

And, sure, that’s easy for a multimillionaire or billionaire to say, because they have people to support their lives. They can afford drivers to pick up their kids and nannies.

As you, yourself, add to your household’s bottom line, you have to realize that it’s no longer about doing everything on your own.

You’ve got to change the belief that you have to do everything by yourself.

What has to give to allow you the space you need to run your company and be with your child?

Guess what? There’s a lot at stake if this message doesn’t sink in. Women risk a lot when they’re under this kind of pressure.

What’s at risk?

  • You will not make as much money as you could
  • Your mental, emotional and physical health will deteriorate
  • You will become unhappy – which will affect everything

So, does cleaning the oven, or doing the laundry, really seem like the right commitment?

My message is that you should never have to give up what God put you on this planet to do. And that means you have to make a commitment, first to stop the stress and second to GET SOME HELP!

What is the one greatest skill any women entrepreneur can learn to stop mommy guilt dead in its tracks?


When you first start out, it’s hard to do. But you won’t ever make the leaps that you’re here to make, without STOPPING taking on unnecessary problems.

Delegating is simple. What are the rules? See below and get started now.

Let Go

Point blank: find a way not to have to do the job. Think outside of the box and commit to a new way now. Being broke should never be an excuse. I see people with no money letting things go all the time!

Get Clarity

Create a list with all the things that you do, that do not create a direct income. List everything that’s taking up time. Then find someone who can do them for you.

Stop Being Stuck

Feeling stuck is an attitude, not a reality. Let go of the idea that you have to do everything alone. That belief will never make you any money. If you keep the point of view of being stuck, you will NOT loosen your grip on lack.

Regardless of what growth stage you’re at with your business, this dilemma eventually shows up for all mom entrepreneurs. If you’re feeling disconnected from your family because you’re spending too much time on the computer, working late or even forgetting to eat, you have to adopt the ENLIGHTENED ENTREPRENEUR mindset.

This stage of life requires an exceptional amount of AWARENESS and STRENGTH.

If you’re living in your full potential and need to get out of the struggle, check out this article for 4 smart strategies for mother entrepreneurs.

Click Here. 

There are always going to be moments when life is out of balance, no matter where we’re at as mothers, entrepreneurs or simply, as human beings.

So, are you going to go all the way?

You are what gives your life meaning. This means that you get to create the world you live in.

I’m so excited to hear how you’re doing it and what’s helping you thrive right now!

I’d love to read your comments below on how you stand for your role.



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