What Scripture Says About Growing Your Business

What Scripture Says About Growing Your Business (and It’s Not What You Think!)

Today, we’re going to talk about the real reason your business isn’t growing like you want it to.

It’s likely that the real problem isn’t what you think it is.

In trying to figure out what’s going wrong, you may have considered your messaging, your formula for creating products, the economy, and/or your branding.

The truth is, the real reason you’re not succeeding like you want to doesn’t have anything to do with those things. It has to do with your faith, your community, and your coach.

We’d like to share a parable from scripture with you – one we consider a game changer. We’re paraphrasing, here:

A farmer went out to plant his seeds. As he scattered the seeds across the field, some fell on the footpath, and people stepped on them. The birds ate those seeds. The other seeds fell amongst the rocks and began to grow, but the plants soon wilted and died because of lack of moisture. Other seeds fell among the thorns. The thorns grew up and choked out the new, tender plants.

Some of the seeds, though, fell upon fertile soil. These seeds produced a crop that was 100 times as much as they’d been planted.

So what does this mean, in terms of business? Stick with us, here, as we debrief the parable, and tie it in with your ability to grow your business…

In the Bible, the seeds are about the word of God.

The business perspective: Think about a formula you’re trying to learn, or a mindset you’re working to master, or a vision you’re trying to bring to life in your business or marriage or family.

In this parable, the seeds that fall on the footpath represent those who hear the message only to have the devil take it away from their heart and prevent them from believing and being saved.

The business perspective: Think about how you have an “aha!” moment in your business, or a great idea, and then you’re hit with a distraction. You get this vision, and then something distracts you, and you feel like you’re floundering, searching for the next step: the right direction. What you really need is to know how to stay on your plan, rinsing and repeating, until you get the result you want. Then, when you’re ready, new coaching will come in and take you to the next level. But you’ve got to avoid distractions.

The seeds that fall in the rocks in the parable represent people who hear God’s message, receive it with joy, and get excited … but because they don’t have deep roots, they fall away from their beliefs when they face temptation.

The business perspective: Consider how you can develop deep faith roots to be able to make the jump in your business, to go for it, and to stick with it over time, even as temptations come up: temptations that stop you from nurturing your dream for your business. These may be temptations to go on vacation, to go out with friends, to just stop following the plan.

The seeds that fall amongst the thorns represent people who hear the message, but for whom that message is quickly crowded out by the cares of riches and pleasures in life.

The business perspective: These “thorns” are basically the “other” things you allow to take time away from your pursuit of your vision. They’re things like your to-do list, you being too busy, or you believing you have to choose family OR business. You hear the message—you know what you need to do to grow your business—but you believe you’re just too busy. Something prevents you from doing what you need to do. Your business, your vision, never grow into what they’re capable of being.

Finally, there are the seeds that fall on good soil. These seeds represent honest, good-hearted people who hear God’s word and cling to it patiently to produce a huge harvest. Keyword: patiently.

The business perspective: So many entrepreneurs try to rush success. But patience is key. In any business—even inside of HeartCore Business™—an entrepreneur might think she has things all figured out, and then those things fall through. You’ve got to be smarter than the challenge, and you’ve got to have patience through the challenge. It’s tempting to fall apart when things don’t work out, or when you encounter challenges, but if your mind is fertile soil, your dreams WILL grow.

In conclusion …

Allow your mind to be rich soil, like the soil in the parable, so that your dreams can grow. This requires patience, faith, and a great community and coaching.

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