Yes or No for Government Making Important Decisions for Your Babies!

If you, like some of us over at the #HeartCore headquarters, have newborn babies or toddlers of your own and you feel like vaccinations should be your choice, then we need to talk!

I am not an activist or an extremist of any sort.
In fact, I often say there is nothing worse than an angry activist.

So let’s not get nasty here, but let’s talk.

My son means the world to me, and obviously as parents we want to
protect our kids.

• Now I’m not a doctor and won’t claim to be.

• What’s on the Internet can be less than accurate for sure.
So it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not!

But let’s just stop for a moment here and THINK!
Why does the government feel it’s OK for them to dictate what
vaccinations we give our children? Isn’t that our job as parents?

I can deal with paying California taxes!
I could buy a luxury car every four months with what I pay in taxes!

I can deal with paying high medical bills to have the right to
see a doctor.

But to take away my right to be responsible for my child’s health feels wrong!

I guess I have to ask, was there a real problem here with parents not being responsible that the government felt they needed to step in to take care of us as a human race?

Something isn’t right about this situation!
This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back that gets people to start researching the pharmaceutical companies. We need to start questioning what’s going on and to stop just saying, “OK, I’ll follow the rules!”

I love it and make no apologies for it.

However, I don’t think the government should be allowed to sell us vaccinations that don’t apply to our children’s health!

We not only are paying for them, but we are being FORCED to buy them.
This country is starting to push limits that really should be questioned by people like you and me.

I can’t imagine that the American population (meaning the part of the population that doesn’t normally get involved) is going to sit on the sidelines and just be OK with the government taking over the parenting roles!

I’d love to find out how I can get more involved in stopping this bill from passing in other states. Parents know it may be in California now, but that is just a future forecast to what’s to come for you. Let’s join together and educate ourselves and find good solid organizations to either DONATE to or volunteer with!

We need to become a community now. Alone we are powerless!

Let me know your thoughts—I’m curious.
Post a comment below now, please.

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