How to Not Miss Out on Your KIDS Because You Are a DRIVEN Mom

Well, it’s true.  Many women find themselves at one point or another feeling guilty for not being present enough for their kids.

But is it true that you have to choose between being a mom and your drive to build a business?  I say no . . . and for the last few months after giving birth to my healthy eight-pound baby, I worked hard to not give in to guilt!

Take Charge of Your Schedule

Like everything in life, this can take a few months before you master it.  For me it was four months before I got my week off every month.  It’s been a challenge to balance baby boy and driven mom, but I’m happy to say that if you live by the boundaries of your calendar and schedule things accordingly, you’ll make it.  

Tip #1 Put YOU time in first.  For me that is my HeartCore Endurance Training.

 Only Take Appointments and Opportunities that Make Sense To Your RIGHT NOW Goal!

I, too, find myself attracted to the next great idea or speaking engagement.  But truly if you are going to love your business and make insane money, you’ve got to get really good at focusing!  Don’t do anything that doesn’t feed into the exact goal you are working on right now.

Tip #2 Stop chasing opportunity and instead focus on the step you are in now.

Manage Your Head and Be Kind

The woman who stays calm and kind wins the race.

You’ve got to get good and love yourself so that you love the people around you. Stress, anger, and triggers will steal your peace and make everything harder.  Life happens to us all. Stay committed to moving forward with your decisions even when it’s hard.

Tip #3 A commitment to follow through even when you don’t feel like it will help you maintain a healthy home life and a successful business!


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