Your Life & Business Are Worth More

Your Life & Business Are Worth More Attention Than You Are Giving Them Now!


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I recently fell in love with a man that I worked really hard to prepare for.  What I realized is that love is like business: it takes attention, nurturing, and recommitting on a weekly basis.


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Here’s the strategy I used to build my business, and my LOVE life. Feel free to rip it off and use it for yourself.

#1 I focused on ONE thing every month.

Sometimes that one focus would take me three months to master.
If that was the case, I’d do whatever it took to work on it daily, whether it was for two hours or five hours.  It takes daily practice to get good at something.

So if you suck at sales, you better put yourself in the FIRE and practice selling every day.  I have a friend that uses the example of Mormons to sell his products.  Now, granted, he is a large business owner, so he’s already put his time in and has mastered sales himself.  He currently focuses on a different part of his business.

Back to what we can learn from Mormons.  They get rejected daily so they have to brush it off to continue their mission of talking to everyone.  They are selling-machines for God!  It’s time for you to become a selling-machine for making a difference for your clients, too.

#2 Don’t stop until you get a YES or a NO!

I just watched the movie The Wolf of Wall Street!
There’s a part of the movie where the main actor is preaching to his brokers to sell Steve Madden’s IPO stock.  He tells his brokers that a phone is worthless until they pick it up and make it work for them.  He tells everyone to keep talking until they get a yes or they die.

My take is that many of my clients will die struggling and miss out on how amazing financial freedom really is unless I help them get past their fears of investing with us.

Understand that most of your clients are living in a MAJOR limitation mindset.
It’s your job to do your part to make their life better in the area that you can!  So take that seriously.

#3 Treat your client list like a family member.

Be generous, not because you can get something from them, but because you care more about your industry and doing your best than about the sale.  I promise, when you understand this you will sell more than ever before because you won’t be attached.  Remember that word of mouth will always be your best sales strategy, and it works best when you make a HUGE difference for everyone you speak to.  That engine is amazing when you understand how being a good person yields more of a harvest year after year.

#4  Schedule your own time in before you take care of others!

A new Pace Club member of mine asked how much time she should allocate for her business growth this year.  She needed to think about her children, yoga, and workouts.

My answer was for her to schedule her workouts two weeks in advance, and every time a conflict comes up, to problem solve it.  Meaning, find another way to get the conflicted task done.  This trains you to be able to handle more.  

I promise you, if you keep putting yourself last, you’ll be hard pressed to have an abundant life.  Eventually it will all come crashing down.  YOU, then the rest of the world.

The person who can problem solve the best makes the most money and has the best life!  You choose what it’s going to be for you.

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