You’ve got ONE life to LIVE, so LIVE it FEARLESSLY!

You’ve got ONE life to LIVE, 




I’m in my office right now reflecting on all the times that I never jumped because of fear. 

It’s so apparent to me that the areas I’m still struggling with are because of fear. Those are the areas of my life that feel bad—the places where letting go and doing it anyway scares the hell out of me.

However, it helps to remind yourself that:

We have ONE life to live, and what would it look like if we lived it fearlessly? 

Let’s play a bit with this, shall we, because this helps you move through fear and realign with what makes you happy.  


Imagine that you are a woman who had a REALLY BAD DIVORCE and are feeling the fear of not wanting to put yourself out there again.  

Now fast forward to today and you are no longer scared to date and love someone again.  You’ve let all that crazy fear stuff go.  You’re ready to go out there again, have some fun, and be yourself. What would that life look like for you?

Here’s another possibility. Maybe this is more relevant for you. 

What if you turned around your fear of not having enough money INTO making more.  What if you transformed your ideas into a business that makes more money than you could ever spend and impacted the world for good?   

Think for a minute on how this would change your life today.

How about this… imagine that Oprah’s team calls you today and asks you to come on the OWN network.  She wants to talk to you about your life story and help promote your mission in the world.

Imagine that all of this could happen if you would just give up living in UNCERTAINTY and play bigger.  

Well, you can.  It’s proven that when you condition yourself to use more of your right brain, you drop into a space of unlimited creativity.  What that means is that you can see your way through any problems, and the solutions come to you easier.

Your thoughts are powerful beyond belief, but you block them if you are focusing on the challenges in your life instead of on having more fun!

What could you let go of in your life to free up energy to move in the direction of your dreams?

  • Do you have a challenging conversation that you need to have?
  • Do you have to sign a contract that you’ve been scared of?
  • Or do you need to hire a personal trainer to help you drop 30 pounds so that you live longer?  

What does your FEARLESS Life look like and how can you capture that as your new reality starting today?

  1. Take ONE step today and do something you are afraid of.
  2. Tomorrow take another step and face a fear.
  3. Again… face your fear on day three and see how this pattern will change your life!

You deserve to live with freedom and passion, and the money will come easy once you stop living in fear.

God bless your dreams, and if you feel like it, please leave me a comment below and let me hear your thoughts!

Much Love 

Shanda Sumpter
Queen Visionary | HeartCore Women

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Hi! I’m Shanda Sumpter, owner of HeartCore Business, investor to entrepreneurs on The Pitch, and named as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in 2017, 2018, and 2019. I’ve helped business owners all over the nation grow and scale their businesses while enjoying their lives more. I believe in giving generously and being honest—all in the name of leaving a legacy.

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