2 Secrets to Overcome Perfectionism

Entrepreneurs have big visions: for themselves, for their families, and for their businesses. We see this all the time at HeartCore. 

They want to help people.

They want to change the world.

And, they want to enjoy the time and money freedom that comes from doing both of those things successfully.

But when it comes to taking action toward making those visions reality, some entrepreneurs are halted in their tracks.

By what?

A sneaky little obstacle best known as perfectionism.

When perfectionism rears its head, it can stop you from taking new actions, trying new things, launching new programs.

You may tell yourself things like, “I just need to make a few more adjustments and then I can take action,” or, “I’ll do that when the time is right.”

Perfectionism can also run you ragged, making you believe that you can’t focus on your business because you have to be the “perfect” parent, spouse, friend, or child.

So how do you overcome perfectionism? How do you move beyond that need for everything to be “just right,” or beyond that belief that you have to put everyone else’s needs first?

It all comes down to internal leadership—being a leader of your own mind—by releasing emotional triggers and maintaining control of your emotions, so you can take action.

There are two components to overcoming perfectionism: self-trust and increased confidence.

Trust Yourself

If you don’t trust yourself, then how will you ever trust someone else to receive you as an expert, as a provider of information?

In order to trust yourself, you must always keep your promises to yourself.

At HeartCore Business, we’re strong believers in finishing what you start. Queen Visionary, Shanda Sumpter has often said that becoming a great finisher is key in creating success.

Even if you begin a project and it doesn’t seem to be going well, stride through to the finish line, making adjustments as necessary. Consider these learning experiences.

As you go through life, be kind to YOU. Avoid people and situations that undermine your self-trust and embrace those who support your dreams and visions.  

Increase Your Confidence

We found a great article on Entrepreneur.com that listed 10 ways to boost self-confidence.

They include:

  1. Visualize yourself as you want to be. Practice visualizing a version of yourself who is achieving all your goals.
  2. Affirm yourself. Your brain is wired to seek answers to questions, so phrase your affirmations (positive statements you say to yourself) as questions, like, “Why am I so great at helping people?”
  3. Do one thing that scares you every day. The best way to overcome fear is to face it head-on.
  4. Question your inner critic. Look for evidence that your inner critic is wrong, and find opportunities to congratulate, compliment, and reward yourself.
  5. Take the 100 days of rejection challenge. Desensitize yourself to rejection by making crazy requests of people—with the purpose of being rejected! The goal: to have fun while building your self-confidence as you realize being rejected isn’t the end of the world.
  6. Set yourself up to win. Set—and achieve—small goals daily. Then move on to bigger, longer-term goals … and keep a list of your achievements.
  7. Help someone else. Your confidence will grow automatically as you help other people.
  8. Care for yourself. If you’re constantly low on energy—mental and physical—then it’s hard to feel good about yourself. Get enough rest, exercise, and recharge time.
  9. Create personal boundaries. Learn to say no.
  10. Shift to an equality mentality. See yourself as being equal to others—no one is better or more deserving than you are.

Self-confidence is a learnable skill—and with practice, you can develop yours, along with your self-trust, so you can begin overcoming perfectionism.


Perfectionism can erect many obstacles on your journey to success—especially if you’re a driven, high-achieving entrepreneur who wants to do your best.

The good news is that as you build your self-trust and your self-confidence, you can begin to overcome perfectionism and take action toward making your vision reality!

Have YOU ever struggled with PERFECTIONISM? Tell us in the comments below! 

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