5 Decisions Every Entrepreneur Must Make to Achieve Wild Success

We recently had an amazing week at HeartCore Business™.

We heard from three clients who had completely revolutionized their results.

Each one of these women had nothing to start with other than a vision. Each of them was struggling to get by … and each of them found a way to make it!

The first client, who worked as a dollars-for-hours, one-on-one therapist before launching her coaching business, had a big email list, but she couldn’t quite get into the money-making. She was frustrated. She knew she wasn’t landing her messaging.

Then, with some coaching from Shanda and the team at HCB, she changed things. In fact, in one 24-hour period, she was able to spend time hanging out with her friend while her business made the same amount it would have taken her 65 hours of one-on-one therapy to earn.

Another client, who was planning on closing her business because she couldn’t make ends meet, reported that she earned $30 million in one year.

And a third client reported that she’s at $150,000 in sales inside of two months.

So what did they do to get these incredible results?

They made some important decisions.

And when you make these same decisions, you can rock it out, too. You can go from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be.

Decision 1: Decide how you react to limits and limitations.

Every time you hit frustration and/or overwhelm, and you feel like complaining, know that it’s an indication that you’ve hit a limit. You get to decide how you react to each limit. Will you stop, quit, give up? Or will you take a deep breath, and decide to do things differently … to take a different approach?

If you want to succeed—to create massive results in terms of income, reach, and ultimately, happiness, you must decide to blast through those limits every time you encounter them. This requires thinking like a leader … which brings us to the next decision you must make.

Decision 2: Decide how you’re going to think.

Carefully consider how you react to each limitation. If you’ve generally let limitations steer you off course in the pursuit of your vision, then you’ve got to change how you react. If you’ve generally reacted with anger or upset, dial in on why. Become conscious of why you react the way you do, and become conscious of halting that reaction and changing it.

Commit to transformation and react with determination.

Decision 3: Decide how you want to show up behind closed doors.

The way you show up behind closed doors—your authentic way of being—is a huge indicator of how you handle your business. If you’re living from a place of limitation in your regular life, then you’re going to operate your business from that same place. For example, if, in your personal life, you’re doing tasks that make you feel like you’re getting things done, but they’re not actually moving you toward your goals, then you’re probably doing the same type of non-productive “busywork” in your business.

For example, if you’re sitting at Starbucks, staring at your computer screen, doing research, staying busy all day long but not taking any kind of action that’s going to make you money, then chances are you’re avoiding the productive stuff—making cold calls, making offers, etc.—because of some kind of fear.

Decide to be smarter than your emotions—so that when you hit a limit, you can go through it.

Decision 4: Decide whether your rules are working for you.

Sometimes when we have a negative experience, we create new rules that we believe will protect us from having a similar experience in the future. For example, if we went into debt and couldn’t pay it off and had to let go of a home or business or default on a loan, then we may promise ourselves we’ll never go into debt again.

But in some cases, following these types of rules is allowing your history to prevent you from doing something that could potentially grow your future.

Stop being stubborn! The rules you created to protect you may actually prevent you from growing.

Decision 5: Decide how you’re going to live.

Get in the habit of thinking in ways that empower you to create big results and wild success!

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In conclusion…

You don’t have a choice about whether you encounter limitations as you pursue your vision and goals. But you do have a choice about how you react and whether you move forward and create the kinds of successes you deserve.

P.S. We’d love to hear from you: What’s YOUR best method for blasting through limits when you hit them?

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