How to Put “Shiny Object Syndrome” to Use, So You Can Grow Your Biz Quickly and Effectively

One challenge that most entrepreneurs face is “Shiny Object Syndrome”: we are always looking for new strategies, tactics, and ideas to grow our business, increase our income, and reach more people.

Shiny Object Syndrome isn’t all bad; it enables us to keep our eyes open to new possibilities for making improvements.

So why does it present a challenge? Because in many cases, business owners fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome and want to try everything! They want to give themselves and their businesses as much opportunity as possible. And when they’re just starting out, they want to do everything themselves.

As a result, they become stretched thin, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and that is optimization.

Look for ways inside your business that you can optimize your marketing, your education, even your giving.

Let’s talk about each of these in turn.


Shanda Sumpter, HeartCore Business™ Queen Visionary, offered complimentary tips, business advice, and question answering through Facebook Live every weekday for several months. She called it Coffee With Shanda.

When she first announced she was going to offer this, it was a stretch! It required her to get up and on camera five days a week—without any income as a result.

But it did something else, too: it helped her get stronger in marketing … and stronger marketing is optimized marketing. It forced her to get better fast by helping her figure out what her audience wanted to learn—and that’s the key to effective marketing.

So the more you market consistently, the more effective—and optimized—your marketing will be.


How can your audience—your potential buyers—discover how much they love you if you’re not putting out enough content? Education is the perfect opportunity to share what you know: to give those potential buyers a taste of what you have to offer.

To optimize your education, then, you can repurpose your content. For example, if you post an article on your blog, you could turn that post into short tips on social media or send it to your email list.


One important way to optimize your giving is to find the true zone of generosity, where you can be authentically YOU all the time. Give without any need to get. Give because you want people to get results.

Consider your tone and energy when you’re giving, and ensure you’re in an energy you can constantly tap into.

When Shanda was offering Coffee With Shanda, it was a form of giving. She’s since started offering Coach Yourself to Success (which happens once a week). During these sessions, she gives away her expertise, without any expectation of people buying from her. She’s giving out of her genuine desire to help her audience members … to make a difference.

There are times when she’s creating content for other programs, and she offers it as “bonus” content to her Coach Yourself to Success viewers. (This is an example of optimizing both education and giving.)

One Final Note: Optimize YOU

In today’s world, entrepreneurship is all about being real. The imperfections in your marketing are actually so valuable in today’s marketplace because people want to get a real feel for who you are. The best way to optimize you is to BE authentically you, all the time.

Are you always chasing the newest strategies or tactics, and becoming stretched thin, exhausted, and overwhelmed? It's called Shiny Object Syndrome, and it comes with some challenges. I'll share tips on how to manage it, and grow your business quickly and effectively. #heartcorebusiness #businessempire #entrepreneur #coaching

In conclusion …

Optimizing your marketing, education, and giving is the fastest way to grow your business. Use these tips to share your gifts, change the world, and make a great living! We’d love to hear from you: what can YOU optimize in your business, starting today?

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Hi! I’m Shanda Sumpter, owner of HeartCore Business, investor to entrepreneurs on The Pitch, and named as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in 2017, 2018, and 2019. I’ve helped business owners all over the nation grow and scale their businesses while enjoying their lives more. I believe in giving generously and being honest—all in the name of leaving a legacy.

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