5 Decisions You MUST Make in Order for Your Coaching Business to Work

Here at HeartCore Business, we see it all the time: a brilliant, determined, driven entrepreneur or business owner comes to us for coaching. We give him the coaching, and he doesn’t take it.


Because he has an underlying belief that he knows what’s best for himself. He knows what he needs more than his coach does.

If this hasn’t happened to you, it probably will. And the truth is, that belief is actually resistance. It’s fear. It’s fear of doing something that feels uncomfortable. Because what if you fail? Or, what if it doesn’t work? Or what if it does work?

In so many cases, your coach’s advice doesn’t feel aligned for you, because it’s safer to make a decision to stay in your comfort zone.

That may mean keeping your job because it gives you a steady paycheck, pulling back on your giving because you’ve got a lot on your plate, or avoiding making that investment because money is tight.

All of those decisions are totally logical!

But building a business isn’t.

Building a business requires one leap of faith after another. Which requires you to manage your mind.

So when it comes to choosing a coach, choose one who you respect, to whom you’re willing to surrender some of your choices.

If you’re really riding your edge, pushing into new boundaries, then you will disagree with your coach at some point. If you don’t, then you’re not playing as big as you could be playing.

Sometimes, following your coach’s advice may make you worry—about how you’ll pay the bills, how you’ll get everything done, whether this will all even work!

So how do you solve that?

Here are five decisions you must make as you follow your coach’s advice, to eliminate the worry and make your dreams come true:

Decision 1. Decide, and dial in, on your priorities.

The first priority is to get rid of the worry. We’d like to caution you to not chase shiny objects to get rid of the worry. Instead, make sure you’re spending time on what’s truly important—the tasks that will bring you closer to your goals.


Decision 2. Decide to stay connected and engaged.

Once you’ve defined your priorities, you must stay connected to them. Do everything you can to optimize your coaching. Don’t just sit back and wait for things to work out. Show up, follow the formula, and connect as much as possible every way you can.


Decision 3. Decide to surrender to the process, and run toward your resistance.

Finally, surrender to this process. If you recognize resistance coming up for you, run right toward whatever you’re resisting! There are moments when doors open, and if we go through them, we move closer to our dreams. If we don’t, we miss out on opportunities.


Decision 4. Decide to relinquish control.

This is a mastery step. If you can do this, it will give you a lifetime of freedom. This is the decision that’s most uncomfortable, especially for strong people. Realize that you don’t always know what’s best. A coach can often see a path for you that you can’t see for yourself.


Decision 5. Decide to stay the course. Don’t quit.

When the pressure is really high, it doesn’t always feel like you’re aligned. But that’s when you must stay the course—because when you emerge on the other side, you feel amazing. Yes, it’s hard while you’re in it! Sara Blakely, owner of Spanx, worked full-time at her job and then came home and worked on her business until midnight every night. But then Spanx got big, right? It became HUGELY successful. And Sara’s now on the other side, living a life of freedom.

In conclusion …

A breakthrough happens ONLY when you want to quit, and you don’t quit. Instead, you renew!

You need to figure out how to get yourself up to the plate and stay up to the plate, even there’s a full count and things aren’t looking good. Because that’s when you finally hit a home run. Enjoy every moment of that run around the bases!

The goal isn’t to work hard, it’s to win the game. So, play to win.

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