How Entrepreneurs Handle Challenges Defines How They Handle Growth

It’s easy to listen to your business coach, to watch her on video, and think, “She’s amazing. She is so motivating.”

But when it’s time to do the work, so many entrepreneurs hit the wall. And they slip into a mentality of judgment and anger.

No matter who you are, or where you’re at now in your business, you’re going to hit a wall. It just happens as you strive for bigger and bigger goals. What differentiates the ultra-successful from the mediocre is that the ultra-successful show up, handle their challenges, take responsibility, and keep on trucking.

How do you react when you encounter a challenge?

If you shut down, stop pushing, or give up, then this isn’t for you.

But if you want to push through and see results, then you’ve got to break those thoughts inside your head (the thoughts that have you blaming circumstances or your coach or whatever for the way you’re encountering this challenge).

Because those thoughts are going to pop up every time you hit a new threshold.

If you experience those self-sabotaging thoughts, then it’s sabotaging your success. And you have to acknowledge it.

Whether you have a $5,000 per year business or a $5 million per year business, we all get stuck in the trap of negative thoughts.

Here’s what happens:

First, we start to get comfortable, and we feel like we know it all. Even if we hire coaches, we don’t always allow people to actually coach us. In other words, we don’t take the advice our coaches give us.

Second, we hire too many people, too quick, to grow. From launch to breakthrough, entrepreneurship is a three-year process. In other words, it takes about three years for a business to pop once an entrepreneur makes the decision to create growth.

In that time, many entrepreneurs will hire coach after coach, expecting fast success.

But patience pays off. If you hire a coach, you must be willing to give his or her advice time to come to fruition. Follow through on your agreement so you give your coach’s ideas time to work.

You’ve got to give up the reins. At some point, you need to realize that your coach may be giving you advice to do something differently than you typically would … but that you must surrender for a certain amount of time (at HeartCore Business, we recommend a year).

Another thing to watch for when you encounter challenges: your sense of entitlement.

Most of us wouldn’t admit to feeling entitled, right? But, in general, people are. For example, Shanda Sumpter, HeartCore Business™ Queen Visionary, opened the doors to PACE Club and allowed prospects to spend a day in the current iteration of PACE Club to get an idea of how it works.

The idea: to give prospects full transparency, to allow them to see how people were doing in the program.

One particular prospect felt like one day wasn’t long enough. She wanted longer.

But that was just one of her limiting beliefs cropping up, trying to prevent her from taking the action she was considering might be able to change her life (joining PACE Club).

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, then you must acknowledge when you have a thought like that—one that might prevent you from reaching your full potential—you may very well be falling into that sense of entitlement.

And that sense prevents you from reaching your most important goals as a business person, as the creator of a movement, as a successful entrepreneur.

That’s why it’s critical to acknowledge if you have something like that: an inner voice that pulls you back just when you’re about to make progress.

In conclusion …

Pay attention to how you’re thinking. Appreciate what you have. Practice gratitude. And commit to getting educated so you can blast through plateau after plateau.

Because you can … and you deserve to!

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