Newsletters: Achieve 102% Better Conversions With This Tweak!


Newsletters: Achieve 102%
Conversions With 

This Tweak!


Creating great newsletters is one of my favorite topics because it’s been TO DATE the #1 most lucrative and fun thing that I’ve implemented into my business!

With this tweak you will achieve 102% better conversion rates and fine-tune how you communicate authentically with your audience. 

Here’s what stops people from getting great conversion rates: 

Small business owners, especially women, try too hard to write their newsletters. 

The objective of your newsletter is to EDUCATE and build a rock solid relationship with your client base.

Inspire them, teach them, and give them something relevant to do with their time.  Solve their problems, but be sure you don’t write a newsletter that sounds like your diary!  🙂

Let me give you 5 important tips showing you how to be yourself and how to write content that your ideal client will love you for!


1)  Write GREAT headlines…  This is a bit of an art mixed with science, and I personally paid $18,000 to learn how to copywrite.  Here are the “CliffsNotes” of that year-long process.

The BEST skill I learned from my investment was how to write compelling headlines, and now I realize it’s the REASON why anyone will ever read your newsletters anyhow.  Copyblogger is arguably the best resource for teaching you this skill. 

Click here to read their headline hackers

2)  Have an Opinion!  Look, your point of view is a HUGE wealth builder for you.  Your client base believes in what you have to say, so vocalize your opinions. 

Everything you’ve studied and all your life experience gives you a perspective on your trade. That’s what makes you interesting and useful to your clients. The worst thing you can do is fit in. That will make you invisible. 

In other words, if you are having problems converting prospects into paying clients, there is a good chance you are being too quiet about what you believe.  Leaders speak their minds, and people gather to support them in whatever movement they are leading.  You’ve got this, so speak up in your newsletters!  Let people know what they can do with your advice.

3)  Keywords are ESSENTIAL if you want to attract traffic to your content.

I wrote about this in my blog on Making Money Blogging.  If you haven’t read that post, I would do that now. Click here!

It explains in detail how to get ideas for your blogging content and how to use keyword phrases that people are already searching for to write your headlines.

4)  Make your BLOG your newsletter!

You really want to blog two to three times a week consistently so you easily attract qualified traffic to your business.  Part of that strategy is to have people read your blog to find the content you’ve written. The longer someone stays on your blog, the more people Google will send you. So make your newsletter your blog, and have your tribe click through and read the content on your actual blog!

5)  Have a Clear – No Fluff – Call to Action.

Before you write your newsletter, be sure you know the purpose of WHY you are writing your business newsletter. 

Ask yourself what you want your reader to do!  I like to write that at the top of my page to keep me focused.  If you are like me, it’s easy to give and give and give and lose yourself in that process. 

A great book to order on Amazon is Words that Sell.

It has killer information on converting calls to actions. I consult this book almost every time I write copy, and so should you.  It’s a cheap investment for a huge return. Order it now here

Let me know what you “LIKED” about this article.  I really appreciate your comments and feedback!


Much Love as Always,

Shanda Sumpter


P.S. Recently one of our clients converted seventeen new clients just from writing her newsletter consistently.  Follow the points above, and soon you will be having your own set of results you can celebrate! 




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