Are you THINKING BIG enough to make the money you want?

 Are you THINKING BIG enough to  make the money you want?



The question becomes today, are you thinking BIG enough to make the money you want? 

Before you answer that, what if this article you are about to read actually shifts something in you, causing you to stop procrastinating and get over whatever is stopping you so that you can make a bigger difference in the world? 

Hold that thought, continue reading all the way to the bottom, and let’s see what happens.

Here’s how you’ll know if you are thinking BIG enough!

Do you make up an EXCUSE why you can’t do something that you know is going to help you help more people? Or are you thinking, how do I make this happen because I know that it’s what I want?

Here’s why I ask—because it’s important.

We all have reasons to stop.  Trust me, I want to stop all the time!

Here are some common REASONS women stop!

•  Busy raising children

•  Tending to your husband’s needs

•  Focusing on debt 

•  Unsupportive spouse

•  Confused

•  No money

•  Working another job

•  Tired

•  And the list goes on for DAYS…

The true test to your commitment to your dreams is the day that you make your DREAM a PRIORITY.

What does that look like?

Well, a day comes for some women when they say that it’s not OK to play small anymore.  That your life and your mission to serve the world is important, and being broke or broken is not going to be acceptable to you anymore.

That’s when confusion moves and CLARITY sets in.

Your business is not going to just FLOW into place—meaning that it’s hard, but it’s a GOOD HARD.  Here’s what I mean: 

When you decide that you are going to follow your dreams, then your next step isn’t to create your logo, it’s to come up with a marketing plan to reach more people.

At least if you want to ACTUALLY make a difference.  If you would prefer to be selfish and hide, then you have that right, too.  Just know that hiding is  ABOUT YOU and what you want, not about helping as many people as possible. 

Can you imagine a doctor saying I can help more people, but I don’t really feel like doing the work so that more people’s lives can be saved.  It’s much more comfortable to just see who shows up!  Let’s see how you feel when someone you love dies because this doctor didn’t make marketing a priority!

It’s EASY to just work with people who show up on your doorstep. You already have your GOD-GIVEN TALENTS.   It’s hard to put yourself out there and SHINE!  

Now that’s a RISK, and it requires effort on your part.

I know, because being seen and not being good enough has always been my own personal DEMON.  Every day when I ask a woman to work with our company or I get up on a stage – I’ve learned to face my childhood fears and show up for the women who really need me to be clear so I can help them.

You do not have to THINK bigger if you don’t want to, but if you want more money, you will have to RISK more.  That is secret code for it’s time for you to invest in your marketing plan.  Your marketing plan is like your   high-speed connection to the people who need you.  Without a good connection you stay MUTED!  So what’s  your plan?

Know that you do not have to be a secret, and there are ways to overcome your fears.  Most importantly is that you keep dusting off your shoulders and get back up. 

Focus on your NEXT STEP! 

Get help so that you are CLEAR on what your next step is.  I work off of an ASSENTION plan in my business.  Meaning, I have SIX areas of focus in ONE year to reach my financial dreams each year in my business.  That allows me to be FOCUSED.

You want to know your plan and be willing to let go of the idea that you are off track!

Right now you can decide that EVERY single challenge is what makes you JUST RIGHT to help more people.

Don’t allow your doubts and the fact that you are still committed to building a business be in vain!  In other words, you are an entrepreneur; otherwise you would NEVER still be reading this blog!

My FINAL WORD!  Trust yourself. You are strong, smart, and beautiful.

There is a way, and you will find it this time.  And if you don’t this time, then you will still get up and show up again!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are!


Much Love,



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